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Free Expert Advisor DayCandleBreakout

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Free Expert Advisor DayCandleBreakout
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Free Expert Advisor DayCandleBreakout Conception

Every day at TradeTime the expert sets BuyStop order above daily
candle and SellStop order below daily candle.
Distance from High/Low to open price is Delta option.
If BuyStop order triggered then SellStop order cancelled (OCO option)
If SellStop order triggered then BuyStop order cancelled (OCO option)
At CancellTime the expert removes all not triggered pending orders.
At this point the expert is ready to work at next day.
At next day the expert will place another pair of pending orders
if there are no orders in the market.


Free Expert Advisor DayCandleBreakout Options

extern string _tmp1_ = " --- Trade params ---";
extern int AccDigits = 5;
// set 4 or 5 for all pairs (does not matter EUR, USD or JPY pairs)
// set 4 for 4-digit quotes: EURUSD = 1.2314, USDJPY = 100.17 etc.
// set 5 for 5-digit quotes: EURUSD = 1.23142, USDJPY = 100.178 etc.
extern double Lots = 0.1;
// lots volume
extern int Delta = 20;
// distance from daily High/Low to open price of pending orders
extern int StopLoss = 200;
// StopLoss, pips. 0 = no StopLoss
extern int TakeProfit = 100;
// TakeProfit, pips. 0 = no TakeProfit
extern bool OCO = true;
// if true then
// delete BuyStop order if SellStop is triggered
// delete SellStop order if BuyStop is triggered
extern int Slippage = 3;
// max. allowable slippage value
extern int Magic = 20110309;
// some unique orders ID
extern string _tmp2_ = " --- Time options ---";
extern int TradeTime.start_hr = 9;
extern int TradeTime.start_mi = 0;
extern int TradeTime.end_hr = 9;
extern int TradeTime.end_mi = 15;
// time to place pending orders (by ServerTime)
extern bool CancellTime.On = true;
extern int CancellTime.start_hr = 22;
extern int CancellTime.start_mi = 0;
extern int CancellTime.end_hr = 22;
extern int CancellTime.end_mi = 30;
// time to cancell all pending orders (by ServerTime)

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