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MT5 to MT4 Copier

Version 2.0 pro.

Limited Time Offer from BJF Trading Group inc.

Expires Dec 2, 2014

MT5 -> MT4 Copier duplicates orders from MT5 terminal(s) to MT4 terminal(s) running on the same computer. The communication is almost instant. The copying speed, and any slippage, will depend from the quality of your broker execution.

MT5 to MT4 Copier Terms

MT5 to MT4 Copier Master Terminal

Master terminal is the terminal the trades copied from.

mt5 - mt4 copier master terminal

MT5 to MT4 Copier Slave Terminal

Slave terminal is the terminal the trades copied to.

mt5 - mt4 copier slave terminal

MT5 -> MT4 Copier supports 4 modes of operation

mt5 - mt4 copier 4 modes of operation

MT5 to MT4 Copier Version 2.0 - What's new

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