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MetaTrader MultiTerminal “PowerTradeCopier” software allows to copy trades from one or several master MetaTrader 4 accounts to one or several slave MetaTrader 4 accounts.

Our Clients : Forex Money Managers

Over 100 Money Managers are using PowerTradeCopier to significantly simplify their work and reduce losses from copying delays. Statistic: plus average 1.1 pips for each winning trade and minus average 1.4 pips for each losing trade. Monthly savings on VPS capacity: 5 times.
Forex Brokers
About 15 Forex Brokerage companies transfer unwanted trades to other brokers (MT4 or Currenex for example). It is possible to set up a build-in filter and copy orders from certain levels of drawdown.
Forex Signal Providers
Up to 100 Forex Signal Providers increase their profit by selling the trading signals and execute signals for their clients platforms without delays. Statistic: plus average 2.1 pips for each winning trade and minus average 2.1 pips for each losing trade.
Forex Traders
200+ Forex Traders copy orders of the professional traders. (It is possible to find account # and investor passwords on a lot of monitoring sites). Statistic: no need to buy forex robot (save $400 – $1000) or forex signals (save $50-$100/monthly)
Are you not a Forex trader, broker, money manager, or signal provider yet?

Start your own profitable business as Forex signal provider within 3 days. For more information contact us via e-mail:

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We have received a lot of questions where will be available information: login/password  to the accounts of participants of the Automated Trading Championship 2011

You can find  logins for all participants  here
Password: MetaTrader     (same for all accounts)

Open MT5 press Ctrl+O (Tools/Options) select "Server" Tab and enter sever/login/password

You can copy trades from any account or several account using our MT5-MT4 copier.
Click here for more information.

Best regards,
BJF Trading group inc.

1. Copy Orders from Automated Trading Championship 2011
We have added our “Expert Advisor VurtualStopManager” as a free bonus
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2. Expert Advisor TFOT (+210.61% on REAL) with Extra Discount and 30 days money back guarantee.
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3. Divergence Indicators (Hidden/Regular Divergence, Source code, Alerts are Included) with extra discount
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4. PowerTradeCopier with extra discount
Read more

We also offer rewrite any your Oscillator. Add Regular and Hidden divergence for $180 Feel free to contact our coding department:

Best regards,
BJF Trading Group inc.

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