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Other Example
You have sent EURUSD Sell order 5 lots

Liquidity provider 1 Price 1.34560 available 2 Lots
Liquidity provider 2 Price 1.34543 available 2 Lots
Liquidity provider 3 Price 1.34540 available 5 Lots

Your broker will aggregate your order:

2 Lots from Liquidity provider 1 +
2 Lots Liquidity provider 2+
1 Lot Liquidity provider 3
= 5 Lots

2x 1.34560 + 2 x 1.34543 + lx 1.34540/ 5 = 1.34549

+ mark-up from liquidity providers
+ mark-up from broker

Usually the broker has Hybrid Scheme, Electronic Access to liquidity providers and Dealing Desk access.

With a Dealing Desk - you trade with the broker (dealer), not the real and global currency market.

The task of the dealer is to destroy your strategy.

Typically, the dealing desk broke- receives 300 from 1M for 1 month.
In other words, the broker plans to destroy your account for 3-4 months.  Learn More...

Now the best time to select 3-4 leaders from Automated Trading Championship and start copying orders.
We appreciate your business!

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Manual and back tests are included.

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 BJF Trading Group inc.

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