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Forex Software Review CopyToolPro

How to lunch own Forex business?

Forex Signals Selling Business

For this business you need following forex software and services:

1. Forex trading system (expert advisor) or systems portfolio as signal source.

2. Forex Account Copier

3. Virtual private server (VPS)

forex with forex

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Forex Software - short explanation

How to Avoid Hedge Limitations

To avoid hedge limitations you can use account copier CopyTool with Hedge module. You should install your hedge strategy (expert advisor) on metatrader 4 demo platform. You need a demo account with an allowed hedge.  A lot of brokers do permit hedge on demo. This demo account will be your master account. Also you should open two real accounts with your broker. This accounts will be slave accounts.

MetaTrader Indicator - short explanation

Elliott Indicator for Metatrader platform


Elliott Indicator determines in fully automated mode and real-time Elliot waves. Indicators works under Metatrader 4 terminal control and contains two parts:

  • Metatrader 4 Indicator
  • Elliott Wave Application

Elliott Wave Application is calculating about two thousand possible waves (patterns) and wave combinations, taking into account every old and modern Elliott Wave rule, every Fibonacci ratio and the fractal nature of the chart.

After calculations, the preferred (combinations with highest probability) Elliott Wave count automatically is displayed in your chart and all patterns descriptions, probabilities and rules for this patterns will be displayed in Elliott Wave Application .

Also on the chart Indicator will show the rays indicating the most probable direction of the waves.

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Account Copier Reverse Module

Account Copier Reverse Module – Explanation

Account Copier Reverse module was developed to help traders make loss strategies profitable. Long orders copied as short orders and vice versa.

Account Copier Reverse Module – Common Rules

Buy order copied to sell order

Sell order copied to buy order

Buy Stop copied as Sell Limit order

Sell Stop copied as Buy Limit order

Buy Limit copied as Sell Stop order

Sell Limit copied as Buy Stop order

StopLoss and Take Profit swapped

Account Copier with Hedge Module
Account Copier with Hedge Module: Usage
If your broker doesn’t support hedge strategies you can open two accounts and copy all sell orders to first account and all buy orders to second account. Account Copier with Hedge module will help to realize this scheme. For master account you should use demo account. Best way is use demo account opened with same brokerage company, but you should take into account the fact: demo should permit hedge strategies.

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