We have developed Latency Arbitrage EA for MT5 platform.

Metaquotes company  claims that "execution speed is everything when developing auto trading scripts that sometimes need to crunch huge amounts of data in conjunction with real-time price movements. The new MQL5 boasts up to 20 times faster execution speed than the current MQL4 language that is used to develop custom EAs and indicators for MetaTrader 4."

For our opinion this number (20 times) unreasonably overstated,  but improvements are felt.

We also hope that due to the fact that the MT5 platform is not so popular like MT4, brokers do not have full arsenal for anti-arbitrage plugins and tools. Our assumptions are based on feedback from our customers who have already made attempts arbitrage trading on MT5 platform.

MT5 Latency arbitrage Software parameters

Latency Arbitrage Software for MT5 platform realized like MT5 Expert Advisor and has a lot of adjustable parameters.

mt5 arbitrage ea parameters

MT5 Arbitrage EA Algorithm

Our Latency Arbitrage EA for MT5 platform has the same algorithm like our Latency Arbitrage EA for MT4 platform and Latency Arbitrage EA for cTrader platform:  open deals towards price movement on fast broker (fast feed) and then closes them by trailing stop or by take profit. Arbitrage Software has adjustable hidden stop loses and take profits.  Money management is regulated as a percent of deposit or fixed lot. 

We provide free feeders from fastest possible sources and you do not need to open account with fast broker.

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