MetaStock Professional forex software is among such forex programs for technical analysis that can meet the requirements of the overwhelming majority of market participants. This free forex trading software had been created by the company EQUIS that was bought by Reuters recently.

What are the advantages of MetaStock professional forex software? Unlike several other analogous programs, MetaStock has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The team of developers doesn’t feel shy to use ample opportunities given by the operating system Windows. That is why this free forex trading software is so user-friendly.

The system of work with charts is realized quite brilliantly: settings of representation of price range, axes scaling, insertion of new indicators and trend lines, possibility to use drag-and-drop option, adjustment of various parameters, colors and so on. In short, it is a really comfortable buy forex software for any trader.

Work with data is also very simple and convenient. Data conversion and editing do not cause any difficulties. All you need is to read instructions and follow them. There are many additional possibilities that will be useful for your forex trading operation. For example, you can create syntactic papers and indexes. It is very easy to set splits. In you doubt about data that you received from internet, you can run a test that will determine if your historical database corresponds to standard conditions. Undoubtedly, as well as all modern forex programs, MetaStock allows to receive data from stock exchanges in real-time mode

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, there are other useful features in MetaStock. Moreover, this professional forex software has a macroinstruction language that not only allows to write your own Forex indicators, but also develop your own Forex trading strategies. Let’s speak about forex strategies in detail.

System Tester optimization tool allows users to test their forex trading strategies and ideas. In case of technical analysis, you can represent almost any idea like a set of formulas, indicators and inequalities for each of actions (buy, sale, short, stop). Then you can add all these parameters to the System Tester and try to reveal the most profitable and the least risky system parameters combination (as a rule, these are periods of indicators) taking into account your commission and other market conditions.

On the one hand, you shouldn’t wait for a miracle. On the other hand, the System Tester is a useful and handy instrument in trader’s hands. It allows to significantly increase effectiveness of forex trading in case you woudn’t grudge the time for it.

Is spite of MetaStock System Tester being an easy-to-use and quite powerful tool, it is quite difficult to solve certain tasks in it, and sometimes it is simply impossible.

In this case, another buy forex software for technical analysis can help you – TradeStation created by Omega Research. The complete software suite is called Omega Research ProSuite.

What advantages do forex programs of ProSuite have? Well, ProSuite has a built in programming language. It is something average between Basic and Pascal.

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