Our company is  created cTrader - MT4 copier.

Copier is based on Clients-Server architecture.

The client–server model is a distributed application structure that partitions tasks or workloads between the providers of a resource or service, calledservers, and service requesters, called clients. wikipedia

Copier consist 4 components: 

  • -cTraderMaster_02;
  •  sMT4_Slave_02;
  •  sMT4_Master_02;
  •  cTraderSlave_02.

These components allows trader create following copying directions:

ctrader mt4 copier possible copying directions

Connection between master and slave based on <IP : Port>
IP can be local or global. User may set Port value as Bot (for cTrader) or Mt4 EA (for MT4 terminal) external parameters values.

Only single instance of server permitted to work on one computer, this means that you can use only one master on the one PC or VPS, but you have no limitations for nubmer of slaves on one PC or VPS.

ctrader mt4 copier 1 master on one pc


For this reason this solution is ideal solution for individual traders,  money managers, and signal providers.

If trader has 2 or more sources of signal (2+ master accounts), he need to run 2 or more MT4/cTrader master terminals on different VPSs. it is possible for example on dedicated server with several IPs.

We also pln to add MT5 and jForex soon...


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