It's no secret that the most important thing in the work of an arbitrage trader is the masking of arbitrage strategies. Until the dealer realizes that the trader is using an arbitrage strategy and do not apply plugin, the arbitrage strategy makes a profit for the trader. The trader's task is to confuse the broker as much as possible. The use of lock arbitrage software or latency arbitrage software with built-in strategies already masks arbitrage trading by itself, but you can improve your setup. The use of other non-toxic strategies on the same account is especially effective. 

Following setup allows you to imitate manual trading on MT4 or MT5 account, because PowerTradeCopier imitates manual trading and VIP Lock/Latency arbitrage for MT4 or MT5 imitates manual trading if you use virtual comments.

order places manually

In this case broker will see manual trading on your account and some of trades will not be toxic.

Direct use of MT4 /MT5 expert advisers on the your live account, without using a PowerTradeCopier to simulate manual trading, can be revealed by the broker faster, since orders from lock / latency arbitrage software will be marked as manual (human) trading from expert advisors as automatic trading. Also, the trade copier will allow you to copy orders by erasing comments if your expert advisor uses comments.

powertradecopier masking arbitrage trading
It is also good idea to use expert advisors on the same currencies and with the same lot size as you use for arbitrage software. PowerTradeCopier allows you to copy orders from MT4, MT5, cTrader, JForex (DukasCopy) platforms to MT4, MT5, cTrader, jForex, FIX API. It means if you use MT4 Lock / Latency arbitrage you can copy signals from, for example, MT5 platform and vice versa.
This kind of setup allows you to use statistical arbitrage together with Lock Arbitrage or Latency arbitrage on the same account with full imitation of manual trading.

statistical arbitrage for masking latency

Another good idea is usage of statistical arbitrage software togather with vip lock arbitrge software between cash indises and futures contracts, like we described in our article "How to use Lock Arbitrgae Software on 1 account"