Many of the MT4 brokers have become available to trade crypto currencies through the mt4 platform. But as our experience and experience of our clients show, the trade in crypto currency through the MT4 platform has a number of insurmountable shortcomings:

1. MT4 brokers have high spreads and commission;
2. Poor execution time of market and as a consequence high slippage for market orders;
3. high number of rejects for limit orders;
4. manual interanion.

LMAX offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash CFDs with access via FIX API protocol now. It is possible to check prices on their website:

LMAX has a number of advantages over other companies
Streaming, firm limit order liquidity:

  1. No ‘last look’ order rejections;
  2. Transparent prices on tighter spreads;
  3. Consistent multi-level market depth;
  4. Regulated, trusted trading environment;
  5. Proven, robust technology.

It is no problem to migrate from MT4 to LMAX if you trade crypto manually, but if you already have forex robot for MT4 (expert advisor), it is difficult to recode on FIX API. But you have another way to use your crypto bot on fix api account: you can use it via FIX API Trader Software.
In following table you can find more information about available crypto CFDs and specification for each one.

crypto instruments lmax fix api

You can add any available symbol to FIX API Trader and use your MT4 Crypto expert advisor for trading on LMAX FIX API account.

Video: How to add crypto symbol to FIX APi Trader

Video: How to use FIX API Trader

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