New version of VIP MT5 Latency arbitrage has two the most important benefits.

VIP MT5 latency Arbitrage 2.0 is faster than previous versions

Now connect between software and MT5 server is faster then before because of asynchronous exchange protocol. It means that arbitrage software will find arbitrage situation faster and order will be opened approx. on 5-6ms faster than in previous versions.

vip mt5 latency 2.0 faster

This improvement will give the trader a huge advantage in the Forex market over traders who also use arbitrage or other high-frequency strategies.

VIP MT5 latency Arbitrage 2.0 is -build in “LOCKCL” strategy

VIP MT5 arbitrage software had the normal and lock build-in strategies. Now we’ve added “LockCL” build-in strategy.

vip mt5 latnecy 2.0 lockcl

LockCL build-in strategy allows software to lock profit [at the same way as it was released for "Lock" build-in strategy], instead of closure, on the same account. On the next step for the LockCL algorithm is different then Lock Algorithm. Software will not close lock by MinTime or MinPips [like it was realised for “Lock” strategy] but will wait for the next arbitrage situation.

If we have buy arbitrage signal, software will close the Sell order from lock, create "virtual" Buy order instead of it, and apply Stop Loss, Trailing stop and take profit for the "virtual" Buy order. When close condition is met - it will close the real opened buy order from lock. If we have sell arbitrage signal, the soft will close Buy order from lock and follow the same closing logic.

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