Almost 1 year ago we have created Locking Latency Arbitrage for MT4 trading platform and this software became the most popular arbitrage software among our clients.

MT5 lock latency arbitrage


Video Explanation about locking Software Algorithm


This product has gained popularity for several reasons:

  1. Trading activity can not be considered like arbitrage and for this reason can not be blocked by broker. So, the trader can trade for a long time with the same brokers and do not pester for withdrawing money from the accounts;
  2. During the arbitration situation, the program uses closing orders instead of opening and thereby decreasing execution time and slippage;
  3. Software can be used not only with MT4 accounts, but also with FIX API Accounts and cTrader accounts (via FIX API protocol!). Recently, we have added possibility to use not only cTrader netting accounts, but hedging as well.

Video about MT4 Locking Arbitrage Software


Recently, we have addressed more than a lot of traders of the who were interested in a similar solution for the MT5 platform.

MT5 Lock Arbitrage Software

MT5 platform was designed to do some things (like to be able to trade markets other than Forex, such as Stocks and commodities) that MT4 could not do. The other major differential design factor was its compliance with FIFO rules (no hedging allowed).

MT5 has faster protocol then MT4 and it is also good benefit for arbitrage traders. Yet the platform has some disadvantages: for example, it is higher CPU usage and MT5 not so popular like MT4.

One week ago we designed MT5 Lock arbitrage software which has almost all functionality available for MT4.

Video About MT5 Locking Arbitrage Software


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