We’ve added news filter to our VIP Latency Arbitrage

Why do you need to use News-Filter for Arbitrage Trading?

It can be several reasons to use news filter:

  • MT4 broker doesn’t allow trading on news. You need to check “Prohibited Trading” part for MT4 broker “Client Agreement” and if broker doesn’t allow news trading, it should be specified in this part with timeframe limitation. For example: 1 min prior news and 1 min after news trading is prohibited;

  • MT4 broker switches off feed before news. Some B-Book MT4 brokers switch off feed before news to manage their risks. In this case to avoid loses, you can use News Filter for Latency Arbitrage;

  • MT4 broker extremely expands spread during news period. In this case you can use Spread Filter or News Filter;
    It is also good idea do not trade o news if you want to use Latency Arbitrage on the same account for longer time with lower risk to be flagged. But still the best method to not be flagged is to use Lock Arbitrage or VIP Lock Arbitrage

How to use News Filter for VIP Latency Arbitrage

News filter is introduced for users, who prefer to avoid arbitrage trading in periods near news releases. To adjust news filter, you need to go to the menu News->Configure news filter. The window will appear:

news filter for latency arbitrage - press upload

To download news calendar you need to press "Refresh" button. You need to download [ press "refresh" button] every Sunday before the market opens.

news calendar is uploaded

Below you can find parameters description:

  • Symbols filter – only news that related to the specified comma-delimited list of symbols will be shown. Filter is ignored if unchecked.
  • Ignore filter – Show which type of news should be ignored. Filter is ignored if unchecked.
  • Show only current day - only news for current day will be loaded.
  • Include (High, Medium, Low)  - only news with selected impact will be loaded.
  • Seconds prior – defines how much seconds before news release the arbitrage signal will be ignored.
  • Seconds after – defines how much seconds after news release the arbitrage signal will be ignored.
  • Refresh – if clicked, the news list will be reloaded from Forex Factory calendar according to the filters specified.
  • Enabled - defines if the news filter will be applied or not.