Our company is interested in developing profitable forex robots. We've developed and tested  over 3000 forex robots (about 1 robot in 3 days) and we're always on-the-lookout for a new, profitable robots. We develop forex robots for our clients according their strategies and we develop forex robots based on our own strategies. If you have good forex strategy, you can order expert advisor programming  on our programming language for MT4 coding page and we will develop professional forex robots for you.

I am not accidentally said professional. Professional is expert and specialized knowledge in field which one is practicing professionally. (wikipedia definition). For more than 10 years our company has been offering ready to use products for forex market and expert advisor programming service.  Our programmers and mathematicians have highest level of education and experience. And we are able to create professional forex robots and indicators. 

Remember that the error in coding can lead to losses in your account. We will provide you with “clean” programming language for MT4 code and the basic logic of the robot will be divided into functions. Our professional robots never lose control and easily restore its last state after MT4 restart. We are not afraid of developing complex and integrated forex robots and find it interesting. We can suggest new ideas or see the obvious errors in your description. We will also recommend additional extra features for your robot to make it more profitable.  

But if you do not have good forex strategy, you can buy expert advisor for MT4 platform on our expert advisors page. I can recommend you to buy expert advisor TFOT. Expert Advisor TFOT is professional fully automated trading system, based on two independent   forex strategies. We have programmed this robot about 3 years ago and started testing 2 years ago on our real account (10 000). Profit for 2 years period was 350 %. learn more about forex robot TFOT