Some new features which was recently added to our Forex software.

VIP Multi-Leg Arbitrage Software

We have added possibility to use MT5 accounts in VIP Multi-Leg Arbitrage Software.

vip mt5 multileg

Now it is possible to crate hedge pairs:
• FIX API vs MT4
• FIX API vs MT5
• MT4 vs MT4
• MT4 vs MT5
• MT5 vs MT5

The same account can be used for several hedging pairs.

If you also have Crypto Exchanges add-on you can create hedge pairs:
• Crypto Exchange vs Crypto Exchange
• Crypto Exchange vs FIX API
• Crypto Exchange vs MT4
• Crypto Exchange vs MT5

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VIP MT5 Latency Arbitrage

We have added additional strategy “LockCL2” to our VIP MT5 Latency Arbitrage

vip mt5 laеутсy arbitrage lock strategy

Step 1) If there is no open orders - we open order on arbitrage signal, trail this order, and open opposite order when S/L or T/P is triggered (create lock).

Step 2) If the lock is opened (we have both buy and sell orders), and we have arbitrage signal - we close the order opposite to the arbitrage signal (for buy order - close sell order and vice versa). Then we trail the "virtual" order and when we hit S/L or T/P - we open the order in the same direction with closed one, so we again have lock (buy and sell order).

Step 3) If the lock is closed manually or on automatic closure rule - we proceed with step 1.

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Latency 1-Leg Arbitrage for MT4  & Lock Arbitrage MT4 & VIP Latency MT4/MT5 Arbitrage & VIP Lock MT4/MT5 Arbitrage

We added to symbols list all available symbols for arbitrage trading. You need double click on symbol field and select symbol from the list.

Do not forget to add “suffix” or to do mapping, if your broker has different symbol(s) name.

mapping and suffix for arbitrage

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Lock Arbitrage Software and VIP MT4 Lock Arbitrage Software

MT4 AutoOptimizer

We added several new options to our MT4 AutoOptimizer Software

mt4 autooptimizer

If you double click on the schedule cell in a row with running EA, the program will propose to start optimization immediately. Now Optimization and trading can be in the same time. [Forex Robot can work in the same time when optimization occurs.]

Vew all options

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