VIP Lock Arbitrage for  MT4 Accounts is professional, fully automated software for Forex & CFDs & Indexes trading on MT4 accounts.
This is actually a more sophisticated version of Lock Arbitrage provided by BJF Trading Group. What makes this version more sophisticated? It has more functionalities and settings, it has a more efficient user interface; it also offers a faster connection to MT4 servers, which will help you stay ahead of other traders at all times.

VIP MT4 Lock Arbitrage - The most valuable benefits

1.    Faster connection to MT4 server (approx. 30 ms faster) then standard Lock Arbitrage;
2.    Manual emulation mode with no loss of speed (all trades look for broker like manual trading activity);
3.     Low CPU usage;
4.    Better logging;
5.    Professional interface. It has more functionalities and settings;
6.    Fully compatible with Ips Changer – helps to have 2 different IP addresses for 2 accounts in lock.

VIP MT4 Lock Arbitrage -The short algorithm explanation

 Lock Latency Arbitrage allows you to open 2 opposite (buy and sell) orders on 2 different accounts for each trading symbol. It can be two different brokers or two different accounts with the same broker. When arbitrage situation appear, software closes opened order on symbol, applies trailing stop for corresponding virtual order, and opens new locking order on the other side when S/L or T/P is hit.

VIP MT4 Lock Arbitrage -The Interface

mt4 vip lock arbitrage the interface

1    – Hedging pairs section;
2    – Parameters section;
3    –  Open orders section;
4,5 -  Connect/disconnect buttons;

6 - VIP MT4 Lock Arbitrage – the Menu

Fast feed menu:

fast feed menu

Connect/disconnect – connects/disconnects fast feed

Edit – editing fast feed parameters

View log – access to fast feeder log

Hedging pair menu:

lock pair management

View log – opens trading activity log on selected pair

Add – adding new hedging pair

Edit – editing existing hedging pair

Remove - removing selected hedging pair

Open all – open all possible locks on selected hedging pairs

Close all – closing all locks on selected hedging pairs

View menu:

vip mt4 lock view menu

Equity control panel – launches equity control panel for account status monitoring

Hedging pair management

Select add option in hedging pair menu to open hedging pair properties window.

lock arbitrage lock pair management

Here you should put you account details: IDs (numbers), passwords and server names into corresponding fields and specify symbol suffixes if needed.

Display name – connection name, you can put any you want.

Host – you should put to the field broker server ip or choose server name from dropdown list.

Port –  port your broker uses

User – field for account id/number

Password – you should put here your mt4 account password

Srv file – if you want to use data from broker .srv file, you can put here full path to this .srv Prefix/postfix – if you broker uses any symbol suffixes, you should specify them in relevant fields

Mapping -  if your broker uses unique names for some symbols, you should specify mapping for them in this field using following format:  Feeder symbol name=broker symbol name.

Allow close by – activates close by facility if you broker supports it.

Close with S/L – software is trying to put stoploss instead of closing order, in theory allows to avoid slippage.

Time to start trade/time to stop trade allows to set trading timeframe. Server/machine time is used for these parameters.

Min order lifetime in sec – many brokers have min order lifetime requirements and you can set here min time trade will last.

Max allowed total equity loss – money management parameter, allows to set loss barrier. Can be set in % or currency. All trades will be close once it reached. Equity total minimum – another safety parameter, all trades will be closed once it reached.

Avoid news period - software does not open trades 30 sec before and 30 sec after every 15 min interval, i.e. 10.00, 10.15, 10.30, 10.45, 11.00 etc. all day long.

Connect on startup – enables accounts autoconnection on software startup.

Offset recalculation block – allows to set parameters for offset autocalculation feature.

Period – period for storing quites form fast feed and slow broker.

Interval – interval between recalculations.

Min ticks number – min ticks number to be considered for calculation.


Hedging pair management menu

mt4 vip lock arbitrage hadgin pair

Clear max diff – reset max ask and bid diff statistical values for selected pair.

Change direction – change order directions for selected pairs.

Add instrument – add new instrument

Remove instrument – remove selected pair Open initial lock open lock on selected pair Close lock – close lock on selected pair.

To start trading you need to select pair and choose 'open initial lock' from right click menu.

If everything is correct, you will see 2 opposite deals in open orders section.

Parameters list

vip mt4 lock parameters grid

Enabled (true/false) – pair status, active/disabled;

Name – symbol name;

Lot size 1/Lot size 2 – working lot size for broker/account 1 and 2;

Digits – number of symbol digits;

S/L – the distance (in pips) for new order StopLoss value from the order open price (if less then freeze level the freeze level value will be used);

T/P – the distance (in pips) for new order TakeProfit value from the order open price (if less then freeze level the freeze level value will be used);

Minimal profit – if it is possible, after the breakeven point was crossed, the order stoploss will be modified (if possibility exists) to breakeven price +(-) this value (in pips) to fix you guaranteed profit. After that the order stoploss will be trailed with Trailing step size (if it zero no trailing will be performed);

Pips for min profit - stoploss will be modified to to breakeven price+min profit after price reaches  breakeven price+Pips for min profit value;

Trailing distance – distance order is trailed at;

Order lifetime in sec – order will be closed after lifetime expires;

Slippage 1/Slippage2 - difference between the expected price of a trade, and the price the trade actually executes at for broker 1 and broker 2 respectively;

Diff to open 1/diff to open 2 - difference between price on fast and price on slow broker 1/broker2 for order opening;

Max spread slow – max allowed spread for slow broker (-1 means that the parameter is disabled);

Max spread fast – max allowed spread for fast broker

Bid offset 1/Bid offset 2 – represents current bid offset for broker 1/broker2;

Ask offset 1/Ask offset 2 - represents current ask offset for broker 1/broker2;

Offset calc (false/true) - offset autocalculation status (enabled/disabled);

Side slow 1/Side slow 2 -  represents current order directions for each account;


Magic 1/Magic 2 – order identifier for broker 1/broker2;

Comment1/Comment 2 – another order identifier. It is strongly recommended to replace the default values with your own unique comments; Diff limit – max allowed difference for opening trades;

Min Pips - software can close orders on both brokers only if price will be changed on both brokers on "MinPips" value;

Curr buy diff 1 – represents current buy diff between fast feed and broker 1;

Curr sell diff 1 - represents current sell diff between fast feed and broker 1;

Curr buy diff 2 - represents current buy diff between fast feed and broker 2;

Curr sell diff 2  - represents current sell diff between fast feed and broker 2;

Max diff 1 – statistical parameter, represents max detected difference between fast feed and broker 1 after software restart or parameter reset;

Max diff 2 – statistical parameter, represents max detected difference between fast feed and broker 2 after software restart or parameter reset; Curr spread slow 1 – current spread on broker 1;

Curr spread slow 2 - current spread on broker 2;

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