We’ve added adjustable alerts for VIP Lock Arbitrage Software for MT4 accounts via telegram bot. To activate alerts, you need to install Telegram Messenger App on your cell phone, if you want to receive alerts to your phone, or (and) on your PC, if you want to receive alerts on your PC (and cell). You can find all information about telegram on official website: https://telegram.org/

After telegram installation you need to find our bot. Our bot name BJF Application Events Notifier  you can enter this name into Telegram App search and you will easily find our bot and recognise  it by BJF Trading Group avatar.

mt4 vip lock arbitrgae alerts telegram bot

Subscribe to the AppEventNotifier bot and  open “Alerts” menu on VIP Lock Arbitrage Software for MT4.

vip mt4 lock arbitrage alerts window

Press “Get Chat ID” button once and then send your License ID to our bot chat in your smartphone Telegram client or PC Telegram client.

Warning: Please do not send  sample@gmail.com70 – we created this ID for example. You need to send your license id! Please, do not change API Token!

 mt4 vip lock arbitrage alerts subscribed

After this you should see Telegram Chart ID number and “Alerts connected!...” message from our bot in your telegram app.

mt4 vip lock arbitrage alerts connected

Now you need to adjust alerts

mt4 vip lock arbitrage alerts subscribed

You can set 2 levels of Equity Alerts in presents, or pips, or deposit currency. 

You can also set arbitrage situation alerts and orders rejects alerts.


Please also subscribe to our Telegram Channel  and do not miss any important information!