1. We added virtual comments to completely emulate manual trading. Now if you are connecting in console mode, you need to Set Magic 1 and Magic 2 to zero, and put some different values to Comment 1 and Comment 2 (for example "c1" ad "c2"). In case you are still using terminal connection, you need to put different numbers to Magic 1 and Magic 2, and leave Comment1 and Comment2 empty.

vip mt5 lock arbitrage interface

2. We added Equity control panel functionality to VIP MT5 Lock Arbitrage Software, that allows you to monitor the current financial situation on both accounts at the same time (similar to the functionality we have in VIP MT4 Lock Arbitrage Software)

vip mt5 lock equity panel

Attention: In Console mode the equity on account is reflected correctly only after connection or order opening/closing. We will try to fix this issue in one of the next versions.

3.We added ability to close all opened orders on pair of brokers.

4. We added 2 additional parameters to improve the quality of the offset recalculations. First is "Units". It is the number if intervals we divide the time period that we used to collect the ticks. Then we find the average price value inside each of this small intervals for both fast and slow quotes, and that we take the "average of averages" on both sides.  Second parameter is "Min ticks", it controls the minimum number of ticks each side should have to perform offset recalculation. Also for simplification instead of 2 offset values for each side we introduced single offset value, which is average between ask and bid offsets.

vip mt5 lock arbitrage - offset calculation

5. We added ability to control which columns you would like to see in the VIP MT5 Lock Arbitrage Software symbols grid, and which you would like to hide.

vip mt5 lock arbitrage software grid columns

Important notice: If the positions shown in program are not similar with positions on  your  MT5 account (for example if you closed them manually in MT5 terminal) please use Clear Positions  function for the related instrument. 

6. We add Activity log window so I can see it together with Open positions, exactly same like in MT4 VIP Lock Arbitrage Software, now I can see either 'Open positions' or click on 'Pair1' to see the log which is not very convenient

vip mt5 lock arbitrage - log

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