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DDE Tool for MT4

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DDE Tool for MT4
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DDE Tool for MT4


"DDE MT4" tool makes it possible to export any user data (account information, quotes history, indicators values, open and closed trades etc.) simultaneously from several different MT4 terminals to Excel by DDE protocol in real time.

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is a technology for communication between multiple applications under Microsoft Windows or OS/2. DDE protocol is supported by a lot of Windows applications. The most commmon used application is Excel.

To access DDE data from Excel you have to add a special DDE links in cells of Excel worksheet. So on update of the data in MT4 the related data in Excel cells will be updated simultaneous in real time.

With "DDE MT4" tool you can perform the following tasks:

    • Visualization task:

Export trade history to build Excel diagrams. Example: You can export trade history from 3 different accounts simultaneous then build 3 diagrams to compare trade strategies.

Export indicators data to build Excel diagrams

    • Accumulate data task:

Accumulate ticks history in Excel rows then save it to a file

Accumulate quotes history in Excel rows then save it to a file

    • Monitoring task:

Find min. and max. spread between the quotes of different brokers to find the best difference for profitable arbitrage strategy

Find min. and max profitable trades

Show Account Ballance/Equity/Maring/Free Margin from different MT4 terminals on the same Excel sheet

Add popup or sound alerts on a cell by condition (to alert on max. Drawdown etc.)

    • Data aggregation tasks:

Group trades by trade periods: per day, per week, per month etc.

Group trades by trade symbol

Sort the trades


There are the following samples provided with "DDE MT4" tool:

    • Account and Trade Symbol information:



    • Quotes information:


    • Trades:



    • Regular indicators:

AC, AD, Alligator, ADX, ATR, AO, BearsPower, BullsPower, Bands, Force Index, Fractals, Gator, Ichimoku, MACD, MarketFacilitation, Momentum, MoneyFlow, MA, OsMA, OBV, PSAR, RSI, RVI, StdDev, Stochastic, Volumes, WPR

    • Custom indicator:



    • Run DDESrv_MT4.exe application from "DDE_MT4" root folder.
    • Run MT4 terminal. We recommend to run it with administrative rights and with "\portable" key.
    • Attach any DDE sample expert on any chart. The symbol and timeframe does not matter.

You have to attach only one instance of each sample expert to avoid unnecessary duplication of exported data.


Assume you attached e-BJF-DDE__AccountInfo.mq4 expert on EURUSD chart. In this case there is no need to attach it on GBPUSD.

    • You have to keep the following settings for attached expert:

Allow Dll Imports [Checked]

    • Open Excel file from "DDE_MT4\Excel" folder related to MT4 sample expert. Allow automatic links update (if you have security warning from Excel).


Assume you attached e-BJF-DDE__AccountInfo.mq4 expert on EURUSD chart. In this case you need to open DDE4__AccountInfo.xlsx Excel file.

PS. There is no need to paste DDE links to Excel cells manually. You can copy selected link (or group of links) from DDESrv_MT4.exe application to clipboard (by click on right mouse button) then paste it in Excel cells.

We can add additional feature for extra fee: Sends trading signals from Excel to MT4

Last release: Version 15.05.2017

Whats new:

1) DDESrv_MT4 application got Decimal Separator input.
Now you can select between . and , decimal separators to format double values.
See DDE_MT4_11.png image.

2) Every regular MT4 indicator got separate mq4 and Excel files.
Every separate mq4 file exports 3 instances of indicator with different inputs.
See DDE_MT4_12.png image.

separate mq4 file exports

Excel_to_MT4 tool Description

This tool makes it possible to send signals back from Excel to MT4 in real time. Excel part is standard spreadsheet with cells and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros. MT4 part has expert advisor to recieve and process Excel data.

Possible scenario:

VBA macros periodically sends to MT4 the values of A, B and C columns.

MT4 expert has the following logic:

      • Buy if A1 > 1000 AND B1 > 1000 AND C1 > 1000
      • Sell if A1 < -1000 AND B1 < -1000 AND C1 < 1000
      • Close Buy if A1 < 0 OR B1 < 0 OR C1 < 0
      • Close Sell if A1 > 0 OR B1 > 0 OR C1 > 0

So all trade logic has to be implemented in mq4 expert. Excel is only data source. We offer Excel_to_MT4 tool with customized mq4 expert for you. The cost based on expert advisor logic.