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Expert Advisor Two Faces Of Trend or TFOT

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Expert Advisor Two Faces Of Trend or TFOT - Hybrid EA based on 2 Unique Strategies
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Expert Advisor “Two Faces Of Trend” or “TFOT”

Expert Advisor “TFOT” – short explanation

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Timeframe: M5

Current version: 20

Expert Advisor TFOT is based on two different strategies: scalping strategy and breakthrough strategy. Both strategies work like two single modules. It help to avoid big drawdowns and strategies will hedge each other. 

Strategies use signals from standard and non standard build-in indicators and open/close prices values. Forex Robot TFOT contains artificial intellect (multi-layer kohonen neural network). Neural network is fully trained, but can be re-trained by customer.

What are Kohonen's networks ?

    Kohonen's networks are one of basic types of self-organizing neural networks. The ability to self-organize provides new possibilities - adaptation to formerly unknown input data. It seems to be the most natural way of learning, which is used in our brains, where no patterns are defined. Those patterns take shape during the learning process, which is combined with normal work. Kohonen's networks are a synonym of whole group of nets which make use of self-organizing, competitive type learning method. We set up signals on net's inputs and then choose winning neuron, the one which corresponds with input vector in the best way. Precise scheme of rivalry and later modifications of synapthic wages may have various forms. There are many sub-types based on rivalry, which differ themselves by precise self-organizing algorithm.

Video about Forex Robot TFOT 20 for MT4 platform


Expert Advisor “TFOT” External Settings

  • FirstFace = TRUE - Face 1 Strategy is active
  • SecondFace = TRUE - Face 2 Strategy is active
  • MarketExecution = FALSE Market or instant execution
  • CommentsFirst = "First Face" – comment for face 1 strategy
  • CommentsSecond = "Second Face" – comment for face 2 strategy
  • MagicFirst = 125566 -magic # 1 
  • MagicSecond = 125563 -magic # 2
  • MaxSPREAD = 4.0 -maximal spread
  • Slippage = 2 -permitted slippage for order opening
  • GMTAuto = TRUE -GMT shift auto determination. 
  • GMTTest = 2 -GMT shift for back testing
  • DoublingTrade = FALSE -two times lot increasing after loss. 
  • PercentAllMax = 100.0 - strain on depo for both strategies
  • MaxLotsOr = 5.0 -maximal lot size

First Face Money Management parameters

  • LotFF = 1 -Fix lot (if PercentLotFF==0)
  • PercentLotFF = 0 -% by deposit

 First Face system parameters

  • StopLoss = 150 -stop loss 
  • TakeProfit = 23 -take profit

Second Face Money Management parameters

  • LotSF = 1 - Fix lot (if PercentLotFF==0)
  • PercentLotSF = 0 -% -% by deposit

Second Face system parameters

  • TakeProfit2 = 550 -Take profit
  • StopLoss2 = 33 -stop loss
  • MaxTrall = 165 -minimal trailing 
  • MinTrall = 12 -maximal trailing

We recommend risk not higher than 5% for each strategy. Summary risk for both strategy will be 7%. 

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