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FREE Expert Advisor e-Stochastic

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Free Expert Advisor e-Stochastic
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FREE Expert Advisor e-Stochastic Conception:

 e-StochFree MT44 expert advisor based on Stochastic Oscillator and Overbought/Oversold levels.


FREE Expert Advisor e-Stochastic Rules:

Buy when Stochastic Oscillator (main line) falls below Oversold level (e.g., 20) and then rises above that level. 
Sell when the Stochastic Oscillator rises above Overbought level (e.g., 80) and then falls below that level.


FREE Expert Advisor e-Stochastic Parameters:

AccDigits = 5; //set 4 for 4-digit quotes; set 5 if your broker provides 5-digit quotes
Lots = 1.0; //lots volume
StopLoss = 100; //StopLoss value, pips (0 = no StopLoss)
TakeProfit = 100; //TakeProfit value, pips (0 = no TakeProfit)
Slippage = 3; //max. allowable slippage value, pips
Magic = 20091107; //some unique ID of the expert
--- Stochastic ---
Stoch.Kperiod = 5; //Stochastic %K line period
Stoch.Dperiod = 3; //Stochastic %D line period
Stoch.slowing = 3; //Stochastic slowing value
Stoch.method = MODE_SMA; //MA method: MODE_SMA, MODE_EMA, MODE_SMMA or MODE_LWMA
Stoch.price_field = 0; //price field parameter: 0 - Low/High or 1 - Close/Close
Stoch.SignalBar = 1; //0 - get Stochastic signal from open bar; 1 - get Stochastic signal from closed bar
Stoch.OverboughtLevel = 80.0; //Stochastic Overbought level
extern double Stoch.OversoldLevel = 20.0; //Stochastic Oversold level
--- Trailing ---
TrailingOn = true; //use trailing true/false
TrailingStart = 30; //trailing stoploss size, pips
TrailingSize = 30; //min. profit value to activate the trailing, pips

FREE Expert Advisor e-Stochastic Back Test:

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