Extra Options

You can improve performance of your expert advisor adding following extra options!

To order one or several extra options please, contact us via e-mail: coding@iticsoftware.com Please, specify what kind of extra options you would like to add and provide us with your expert advisor or indicator for review. mq4 file (source code) is required.

Extra Options For Expert Advisors


1.1) Dynamic lot calculation
a) as percent of Account Balance
b) as percent of Accout Equity
c) as percent of Account FreeMargin

Thus, an increase of Account Balance/Equity/FreeMargin causes the increase of calculated lot size,
and a decrease of Account Balance/Equity/FreeMargin causes the decrease of calculated lot size.

cost $65

1.2) Dynamic lot calculation with RiskPcnt option

You have to enter an initial risk % of equity you are ready to lose if StopLoss is triggered.
Assume AccountEquity = $5000 and RiskPcnt = 10.0.
Risk$ = 5000 * 10/100 = $500.
This means that you can only lose $500 on every StopLoss.

cost $65

1.3) Dynamic lot calculation by Martingale theory.

New lot size is multiplied by 2.0 if previous order was closed in loss.
LotFactor = 2.0 is external parameter.
We reset lot size to initial value on first trade closed in profit.
MaxLot of trade series is the second external parameter.

cost $95


2.1) Possibility to define work days of the week

// --- Trade days ---
input bool Monday_On = true/false;
input bool Tuesday_On = true/false;
input bool Wednesday_On = true/false;
input bool Thursday_On = true/false;
input bool Friday_On = true/false;
input bool Saturday_On = true/false;
input bool Sunday_On = true/false;

cost $45

2.2) Trade time to open order from hh:mm to hh:mm by ServerTime

// --- Trade time ---
input bool TradeTm_Check = true/false;
input int TradeTm_Start_hh = 8;
input int TradeTm_Start_mi = 0;
input int TradeTm_End_hh = 19;
input int TradeTm_End_mi = 0;

cost $55

2.3) Close open orders at CloseTime (CloseTime is external param)
a) only profitable
b) only losing
c) all

cost $45


3.1) Round levels filter
Do not enter trades on round levels (+- X pips): 1.2000, 1.3000 etc.

cost $75

3.2) News trading.

i-FF-News indicator is used and provided for free.
The indicator loads the news from ForexFactory site for all the week and updates the news every hour.
The indicator has a lot of settings to filter news by impact, currency or ignored words.

We offer to update your expert
a) close opened trades X minutes prior important news
b) stop new orders between X minutes prior and Y minutes after important news

cost $190


4.1) Invisible Stops

This update makes it possible to apply StopLoss and TakeProfit, TrailingStop and BreakEven invisible to the broker.
Invisible StopLoss and TakeProfit stored on the chart and do not passed to the broker.
All opened trades closed by the market if invisible StopLoss or TakeProfit is triggered.

You still can use visible StopLoss and TakeProfit simultaneous with invisible StopLoss and TakeProfit to mix the broker.

cost $160


5.1) Breakeven function
Moves StopLoss to breakeven level when trade is in profit by X pips

cost $45


6.1) Standard Trailing: simple trailing, stoploss follows by the market

cost $45

6.2) High/Low Trailing: trailing by bars High/Low

cost $45

6.3) ATR Trailing: trailing by ATR indicator

cost $45

6.4) Fractals Trailing: trailing by Fractals

cost $45

6.5) PSAR Trailing: trailing by Parabolic Stop And Reverse indicator

cost $45

6.6) ProfitPcnt Trailing: trailing with lock of some pcnt of max. profit reached

cost $45

6.7) TLine Trailing: trailing by some TrendLine added manual on the chart

cost $45

6.8) MA Trailing: trailing by MovingAverage indicator

cost $45


7.1) Sound, Popup, Email alerts on set/open/modify/close/delete of an order

cost $65


We also can add different types of money managements, read more....

Extra options for Indicators

Extra allerts (pop -up, e-mail alert, sound)

cost $75

Hidden (Riverse) Divergence. Can be added to Divergence Indicators and Advanced Divergence Indicators Learn more...

cost $ 75

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