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Free Expert Advisor e-BJF-TradeByHours

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Free Expert Advisor e-BJF-TradeByHours
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Free Expert Advisor e-BJF-TradeByHours Conception

Open market Buy at X1 hours, close market Buy at X2 hours
Open market Sell at Y1 hours, close market Sell at Y2 hours

Orders closed on StopLoss, TakeProfit, at close hour

Free Expert Advisor e-BJF-TradeByHours  Options

extern string _tmp1_ = " --- Trade params ---";
extern int    AccDigits = 5;
// set 4 or 5
// 4 is required for old accounts with 4 digits on EURUSD pairs
// 5 is required for current accounts with 5 digits on EURUSD pairs
// do not set 2 or 3 for USDJPY pairs. Set 4 or 5

extern bool   SupportECN = false;
// set true for ECN brokers
// true means that sl and tp will be added
// to the order only after open

extern bool   AllowLongs = true; // set true to allow long orders

extern bool   AllowShorts = true; // set true to allow short orders

extern double Lots = 0.1; // lots volume

extern int    StopLoss = 100;
// StopLoss, pips
// Set 0 to trade without StopLoss

extern int    TakeProfit = 100;
// TakeProfit, pips
// Set 0 to trade without TakeProfit

extern int    Slippage = 3; // max. allowed slippage value, pips

extern int    Magic = 20110515; // unique orders ID

extern string _tmp2_ = " --- Trade hours ---";
extern int = 0; // buy open hour (by server time)

extern int = 19; // buy close hour (by server time)

extern int = 0; // sell open hour (by server time)

extern int = 19; // sell close hour (by server time)


! We recommend to add the following extra options:

1a) Move StopLoss to breakeven when trade is in profit by X pips
cost +$45

1b) TrailingStop (standard or by fractals)
cost +$45

2a) Dynamic lot calculation (as percent of Account Balance, Accout Equity or account Free Margin)
cost +$45

2b) Dynamic lot calculation (according to Martingale theory)
cost +$95

5) Possibility to define work days of the week
extern string _tmp3_ = " --- Trade days ---";
extern bool MondayOn = true;
extern bool TuesdayOn = true;
extern bool WednesdayOn = true;
extern bool ThursdayOn = true;
extern bool FridayOn = false;
extern bool SaturdayOn = false;
extern bool SundayOn = false;

cost +$45

6) Sound, Popup, Email alerts on open/close of an order
cost +$65

7) StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop are hidden to brokers
In this case EA uses 2 types of stops: Fake (or visible) stops and Hidden (or invisible) stops

cost +$160

Free Expert Advisor e-BJF-TradeByHours  Back Test

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