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FREE Divergence Constructor

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FREE Divergence Constructor - create super divergence indicator
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Divergence is the strongest signal on the Forex market. That is why divergence indicators are the most popular indicators both for manual trade and construction of automated trading systems.

I often receive letters from my clients, who ask me to recommend the most accurate divergence indicator or a combination of indicators.

There is no clear answer to this question because, first of all, there are many market phases and no universal indicator works equally well in different conditions. Secondly, choice of indicator depends on your trading preferences. For example, if you prefer scalping strategies, an indicator should be fast - even to the detriment of signal accuracy. If your trade target is 100 pips or more, signal accuracy is more important than speed and so on. It is quite difficult to give unambiguous and clear recommendations on choosing a combination of indicators, but we will try to create an algorithm, which will make your task several times simpler.

Our company has developed free tool - Divergence Constructor, which combines signals from 35 divergence indicators.

Using divergence constructor, you can create super divergence indicator - indicator based on combination of several following divergence indicators:

Standard Indicators

Custom Indicators

  • 1. AC (Bill Williams' Accelerator/Decelerator Oscillator)
  • 2. ADX (Average Directional Movement Index)
  • 3. AO (Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator)
  • 4. Bollinger Bands
  • 5. BW_MFI (Bill Williams' Market Facilitation Index)
  • 6. CCI (Commodity Channel Index)
  • 7. DeMarker
  • 8. Force Index
  • 9. Gator Oscilaltor
  • 10. MACD
  • 11. MFI (Money Flow Index)
  • 12. Momentum
  • 13. OBV (In Balanced Volume)
  • 14. OsMA (Moving Average of Oscillator)
  • 15. RSI (Relative Strength Index)
  • 16. RVI (Relative Vigor Index)
  • 17. StdDev (Standard Deviation)
  • 18. Stochastic Oscillator
  • 19. WPR (Williams' Percent Range)
  • 20. Adaptive Cyber Cycle
  • 21. Center Of Gravity
  • 22. Chaikin Money Flow
  • 23. Detrended Price Oscillator
  • 24. Fisher Transform
  • 25. Hurst Indicator
  • 26. Know Sure Thing
  • 27. Power RVI
  • 28. Range Expansion Index
  • 29. Rate Of Change
  • 30. Spearman Correlation
  • 31. Trix
  • 32. True Strength Index
  • 33. Ulcer Index
  • 34. Volume Price Trend
  • 35. Volumes