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MT5->MT4 Copier

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MT5->MT4 Copier
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Regular Price: $406.00

Special Price $324.80



MT5 to MT4 Copier

Version 2.0 pro.

Limited Time Offer from BJF Trading Group inc.

Expires Dec 2, 2014

MT5 -> MT4 Copier duplicates orders from MT5 terminal(s) to MT4 terminal(s) running on the same computer. The communication is almost instant. The copying speed, and any slippage, will depend from the quality of your broker execution.

    • The copier maintains summary new position of open trades between master and slave terminals.
    • StopLoss and TakeProfit are not copied.

This means that the trade closes as soon as the trade on the master platform is simply closed, whether that is via sl/tp, or via manual close.

    • Pending orders are not copied.

This means that pending orders have to trigger and become market orders to be copied.

    • Traders can apply individual settings for different trade symbols.

It is possible to create black list of symbols to prevent the copy or white list of symbols to copy only symbols from the list.

  • It is allowed to open new trades manually or by other experts on the slave terminal because all CopyTool trades separated by unique magic number.

MT5 to MT4 Copier Terms

MT5 to MT4 Copier Master Terminal

Master terminal is the terminal the trades copied from.


MT5 to MT4 Copier Slave Terminal


Slave terminal is the terminal the trades copied to.

MT5 -> MT4 Copier supports 4 modes of operation

  • one master - one slave
  • one master - many slaves
  • many masters - one slave
  • many masters - many slaves

MT5 to MT4 Copier Version 2.0 - What's new

    • You can use Copier with x64 MT5 and with x32 MT5 as well
    • MultiTradeFx.exe no longer required
    • Works via Expert Advisors
    • New improved interface
    • Added "Trade Symbols Properties" dialog window. Call via hotkeys.

    • Added "Mapping Symbols" dialog window. Call via hotkeys.

Another advantage - you can map symbols by different way.

  • For example map EURUSD and GBPUSD. When master terminal will open EURUSD order, slave will open GBPUSD order.
  • Map EURUSD on master and 2 symbols on the slave: EURUSD buy, GBPUSD sell. And get double arbitrage.
  • Map EURUSD on master and 3 symbols on the slave: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP. And get a triangle arbitrage.
    • You can edit each symbol. Add it to BlackList or WhiteList
    • Added reverse module

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