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Forex  Robot Definition

A ‘Trading Forex  Robot’ is simply the term used for a systemised approach to trading. The Forex Robot is a collection of set parameters that define at what points in the market a specific equity should be entered or exited. A Trading Robot will use some standard technical analysis methods to help define its rules. For example, it may base it’s parameters on tools such as Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Oscillators, Moving Average and Relative Strength to name a few.

Forex Robot - How it works

There may be a tool that, for example, only allows a purchase once a specific level of the relative strength is exceeded. But this isn’t a ‘system’, as it only addresses one aspect of dealing, so it’s common for the rules to be made up from a combination of these indicators. So, you may find that the long-term and short-term moving average limits; as used by the Moving Average Crossover System designs a rule that might command that when the short-term goes higher than the long-term, a buy should be executed.
Or, that when the opposite occurs, a sale should be made.
These rules determine the success of the whole system and so need to work effectively to control risk, provide long-term stability and improve the gain per deal. To achieve these goals, the boundaries of each rule needs to be adjusted. So using our Moving Average crossover example, the dealer would need to determine whether a 10-day or 30-day average is most appropriate to maximise its effectiveness before amending. Only changing one rule will have a marginal effect on results. A system’s overall success will depend on how its parameters are combined.

So, what are the benefits of using a Forex  Robot?

 Rather than using a person to trade and conduct repetitive analysis, a properly developed and optimised system will automatically determine the right signals as well as conduct the specific trades.  By automating the decision-making process, a dealer can avoid bringing emotions into the transactions. It is often the purely human instincts of fear or greed that over-rule their own calculated decisions so lose money.

There are some companies that can set all this up for you as they have already created trading systems that you can buy as a package. Or you can pay a regular fee to have access to their own trading signals rather than buy proprietary systems. Caution is needed, however as some companies may claim false results. Look for companies that will work with you by allowing you to trial the system on a ‘live’ basis.
And what are the things to be aware of?
To create a fully effective forex  robot takes a significant amount of time to develop. A lot of testing needs to be undertaken even after the system has been designed. And once testing has been completed, it is likely that some further changes will need to be made. Paper-trading of systems in real time needs to be done to maximise the forex  robot’s effectiveness. Even after the system has gone live, further re-designs might be needed
To properly develop a trading system also requires a thorough understanding of the technical analysis methods and how they work. Should you decide not to develop your own and use the services of someone else you should still understand the rules and various parameters. This is a complex subject so should not be under-estimated ‘Slippage’ is where the actual performance turns out to be significantly different from forecasted results, so it’s important to use the system effectively Remember to be realistic about costs. A transaction will incur commission charges but also there will be a gap from the fill price and execution that needs to be considered
So how good are they?
There are many successful systems available but it is easy to be frightened away by the number of fraudulent scams on the internet that claim superior trading results from their systems. Probably the greatest testament to the effectiveness of Forex  Robots is that Fund Managers, professional dealers and individual traders are turning more and more to these trading systems.

So, in conclusion - How to create best forex robot

To build the best forex robots is complex. A thorough comprehension of all the different parameters which you can use, along with the expertise needed to make suitable assumptions and not to say the time and perseverance makes this a substantial task. But, it's possible to have a great deal more spare time, income and also a better trading approach if the system is finished and utilized to its capability


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