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    Do you want to mirror trades from your MT4 account to several sub-accounts with no delay and without keeping running MT4 terminals? You need MT4 MultiTerminal "PowerTradeCopier" - the best MT4 trade copier. It is also the best MT4 trade copier (compatible with MT4 build 670+), because you are able to copy any automatical or manual trading strategy including orders from high-frequency scalping robots.

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    Fast Feeder

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    BJF Feeder - Fast Feed for Scalping and Arbitrage Strategies.

    BJF Feeder allows you to use fast feed for your MT4 expert advisor or Indicator. It can help you to improve your scalping or arbitrage robot ( learn more about arbitrage). You can send the order to your MT4 slow broker for a few milliseconds early, thereby improving the performance and hence the improve profitability.

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    DDE Tool for MT4

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    DDE Tool for MT4 Learn More
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    MT5->MT4 Copier

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    MT5->MT4 Copier Learn More
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    MT4 -> MT4 Copier

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    MT4 to MT4 Copier Learn More
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    MT4 -> MT5 Copier

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    MT4 to MT5 Copier Learn More
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    MT5->MT5 Copier

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    MT5->MT5 Copier Learn More
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    Forex Latency Arbitrage MT4 EA

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    BJF Forex Latency Arbitrage Software compares quotes between slow broker and our free feed from Live FIX API Lmax (100 updates/sec) and CQG Accounts. When arbitrage situation appears, software immediately opens order on slow broker only. You can trade on MT4 brokers and FIX API brokers as well. Learn More
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    MT4ReportParser Forex Tool

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    MT4ReportParser - Forex Software for MT4 Strategy Tester, Allows Merge Several Back Tests into ONE result. Learn More

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