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  1. Free Expert Advisor “BollingerBands”


    EA opens market orders by Bollinger Bands indicator. Market Buy order opened if the price crossed Upper Band. Market Sell order opened if the price crossed Lower Band.
    Orders closed by Bollinger Middle, StopLoss, TakeProfit or opposite signal.

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  2. 30%off

    FIX API Trader & 4 Forex Robots

    Regular Price: $1,800.00

    Special Price $1,260.00

    FIX API Trader FIX API Trader Software - allows traders to apply their favorite MT4 Robots (expert advisors), Indicators, Scripts. Learn More
  3. 30%off

    Package 3

    Regular Price: $795.00

    Special Price $556.50

    Package 3:

    1. Locking Arbitrage (value $640) more info...
    2. Latency (1-leg) Arbitrage (value $500) more info...
    3. News Add-on (value $169)
    4. Free Installation and life time Support
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  4. 30%off

    Package 2

    Regular Price: $995.00

    Special Price $696.50

    Package 2: Locking Arbitrage, Latency (1-leg) Arbitrage, News Add-on, Manual Emulation (for Locking arbitrage and Latency Arbitrage)

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  5. 30%off

    Package 1

    Regular Price: $1,000.00

    Special Price $700.00

    Package 1: FIX API Trader, ProscalpingUltra Expert Advisor, HF-Scalping Expert advisor, Locking Arbitrage

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  6. 30%off

    cTrader -MT4; MT4-cTrader; cTrader-cTrader Copier

    Regular Price: $2,400.00

    Special Price $1,680.00

    Copier is based on Clients-Server architecture and consists of 4 components:

    • MT4 Master
    • MT4 Slave
    • cTrader master
    • cTrader slave

    You can create any copying scheme using this components.

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  7. Free MT4 indicator i-BJF-MABounce


    MetaTrader4 indicator i-BJF-MABounce shows signals when the price bounced from MA.

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  8. Free MetaTrader4 indicator i-BJF-MASlope


    MetaTrader4 indicator i-BJF-MASlope shows the table of MA slope for selected symbols and timeframes.

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  9. 30%off

    Ctrader FIX API Connector for MT4 Latency Arbitrage

    Regular Price: $550.00

    Special Price $385.00

    Ctrader FIX API Connector for MT4 Latency Arbitrage allows you to use CTrader account as slow broker for our Latency MT4 Arbitrage Software

    and for Hedge (2-legs) Abitrage Software   via FIX API Connection.

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  10. 30%off

    Arbitrage Software for CTrader

    Regular Price: $695.00

    Special Price $486.50

    Arbitrage software for CTrader allows you to compare prices between our fast feed and CTrader platform and execute orders in fully automated mode. No manual intervention is require.

    We provide 4 fast feeders from exchanges for free.

    The cTrader uses the Direct Market Access or DMA. In this case trader able to submit buy or sell orders to the order book of an exchange without going through an intermediary without dealing. The Ctrader has faster protocol then MT4. This architecture more reliable for high-frequency trading.

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