Forex Divergence Indicators' Algorithm short explanation


  • Search for significant peaks on the both metatrader chart and metatrader indicator;
  • Match pairs of peaks from the chart to pairs of peaks from the metatrader indicator;
  • Apply main divergence conditions to accept divergence pattern;
  • Apply user defined filters.

Forex Divergence Indicators - The Benefits

Our Forex Divergence and Convergence Indicators are  modern indicators with complex mathematic algorithm with hidden divergence

  • We have successfully applied new optimized and reliable algorithm to detect divergence patterns
  •  You see divergenses on the both chart and indicator

 Divergence is true perfect indicator

  • Arrows painted above/below the open bar and not in the past.  You can see when actually you can trade. It is never to late!
  • Signals based on closed bars so the arrows above/below open bar never disappear
  • Indicator does not repaint of past signals

Divergence is customizable indicator

  • Indicator has a lot of external parameters
  • You can buy extra version with sound, popup and email alerts
  • You can order the development of your custom expert based on divergence

Divergence is friendly indicator


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