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MT4/MT5/JForex Expert Advisor or Forex Robot is a fully automated forex trading system. Expert Advisors automatically implement forex strategies without your involvement.

MT4/MT5/JForex Indicator – a technical forex indicator that complements those already integrated into the client’s terminal (MT4, MT5, JForex, etc.). Useful tools for forex traders such as trade copiers for different forex platforms, DDE for MT4 and MT5, forex latency and hedge arbitrage software, etc. We specialize in programming for MT4 (MQL4), MT5 (MQL5), DukasCopy (JForex), FIX API platforms. We will help you program your own expert advisor or custom indicator.

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  • Manual and Algo News Trading with FIX API Trader

    FIX API Trader not only allows you to use your favorite MT4 Expert Advisors for Trading via FIX API but also to trade in the manual mode and semi-automatic, pre-set (algorithmic) mode. It is a huge advantage for news traders.

    When trading on news the MT4 platform is practically useful for several reasons:

    • In the first data transmission protocol from the terminal to the MT4 server is to say the least is not perfect;
    • in the second order goes a long technological chain (Mt4 terminal – MT4 server -MT4 bridge – Liquidity provider) till reaches a liquidity provider;
    • the broker can easily intervene in the order execution process.
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  • New Latency Arbitrage Techniques

    Over the past few years, interest arbitrage trade has increased dramatically. When dealing with a large number of customers who use arbitrage trading techniques, I can say with confidence that the arbitration methods still remain one of the most lucrative and low-risk. 

    Although the trader needs to understand that he is facing a number of problems when using latency arbitrage. Like any profitable strategy, arbitrage is an unwanted strategy for forex brokers, especially if the dealer makes a mistake and switches an account into B-book, and in this case loses money.

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  • Ctrader for Arbitrage Trading

    The cTrader forex trading platform, the focus of our discussion, is owned by London-based cTrader Limited and has been specifically created with ECN brokers in mind, which sets it apart from all the other platforms on the market. The platform was developed by Spotware Systems, the financial technology firm behind a number of sophisticated products for the forex industry. The company’s niche is forex platforms that work with ECN brokers and can integrate with other financial systems.

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