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News Auto Trader Pro - economic news auto-trading software

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NewsAtoTraderPro is a software product designed for trading the news on jForex FIX API, cTrader platforms. With the help of a specially created engine, the software makes it possible to use several providers of computer-readable news items simultaneously, and take advantage of price swings caused by the release of so-called “material news”.

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Harnessing Economic News for Informed Trading: The Rise of Economic News Trading Software

NewsAtoTraderPro is a software product designed for trading the news on jForex, FIX API, cTrader platforms. With the help of a specially created engine, the software makes it possible to use several providers of computer-readable news items simultaneously, and take advantage of price swings caused by the release of so-called “material news”. Material news is any news that causes an appreciable price change in a financial asset. Prices of financial assets are sensitive to market developments, and certain economic news can trigger considerable price fluctuations in securities that are related to these macro developments. This, in turn, creates opportunities for agile traders who are able to receive, and act on, the information before it is broadly disseminated.



Pic. 1 - NewsAutoTrader Software Interface: 1 – Sessions grid; 2 –News providers ; 3 – News indicators filters block ; 4- List of economic indicators; 5- List of news triggers 6 – Orders panel.

This is where NewsAtoTraderPro comes in. As mentioned, the software lets the trader use several news providers at the same time. When, immediately following a news release, one of the providers sends a signal faster than the other providers, the software detects the signal and submits an order on behalf of the trader in a matter of microseconds. Signals from slower providers sent for the same news event will be ignored. This detection and filtering of signals allows the trader to be ahead of the game.

News Feeds: the NewsAutotraderPro  is integrated as with the news feed  (includes an integrated feed from several providers) by default and ultrafst feed from different sourcesfor extra fee. Alphaflash news feed will be integrated soon.

When it comes to trading the news, speed is everything. By letting you open a position on the market several milliseconds before strong price moves, our software will give you a speed advantage and increase your chances of being ahead of other traders. If used effectively, rapid equity growth in your trading account is a real possibility. Aside from instant processing of news-based signals, the ultra-fast algorithm built into NewsAtoTraderPro will also open orders on your behalf. The software can work with ,jForex, FIX API, or cTrader accounts.
NewsAtoTraderPro contains three algorithms that allow traders who engage in hedging to trade with two accounts. What’s more, the trader can open hedging orders an hour before news is released and, when the news comes out, reconfigure the orders to take advantage of the imminent price move. This lets the trader profit from any slippage.
We encourage you to join the sophisticated traders already using this software. You will receive two licenses, one for US servers and one for UK ones, that will give you access to a unique product developed by one of the leading forex software companies. On top of that, you’ll also get weekly recommendations from professional traders through a closed communications channel.

Some usefull Information about NewsTrading Software

In the world of financial trading, staying ahead of the curve is crucial, and one of the key factors influencing market movements is economic news. Recognizing this, traders and investors are increasingly turning to economic news trading software - sophisticated tools designed to analyze and act upon financial news as it breaks.

What is Economic News Trading Software?

Economic news trading software is a type of algorithmic trading technology that interprets and reacts to economic news releases and reports. This software scans various news sources, extracting relevant financial data, and uses this information to make automated trading decisions.

The Mechanics

  1. Data Aggregation: The software collates data from multiple news outlets, financial journals, and economic reports, ensuring a comprehensive market overview.
  2. Real-Time Analysis: Using advanced algorithms, it analyzes this data in real-time, identifying potential market impacts.
  3. Automated Execution: Based on pre-set criteria or learned patterns, the software can execute trades automatically, capitalizing on the news-driven market volatility.
  4. Customizable Strategies: Traders can customize the software’s parameters to align with their trading strategies, risk tolerance, and goals.

Economic News Trading Software Advantages

Speed: Economic news trading software processes and reacts to news faster than any human trader could, providing a significant advantage in a fast-paced market.

Efficiency: It eliminates the emotional biases and errors that often accompany manual trading decisions.
24/7 Monitoring: It operates round the clock, ensuring no critical market-moving news is missed.
Diverse Market Analysis: The software can analyze a broader range of news sources and data points than an individual trader.

Challenges and Risks

  1. Accuracy of Interpretation: The software’s efficiency depends on its ability to accurately interpret news sentiment and its potential market impact.Technical Risks: System failures or glitches can result in missed opportunities or unintended trades.
  2. Market Sensitivity: Overreliance on news data might lead to overreacting to minor news or missing out on bigger market trends not directly related to economic news.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Traders must ensure their use of such software complies with the trading regulations in their jurisdiction.

Economic News Trading Software Use Cases

Hedge Funds and Institutional Investors: These entities use this software to gain a competitive edge in markets sensitive to economic news.
Retail Traders: Advanced retail traders integrate this software into their trading strategies to enhance decision-making and reaction time.


Economic news trading software represents a significant advancement in trading technology, offering traders the ability to leverage the power of information for profit. However, its efficacy is contingent upon accurate data interpretation and robust technical performance. As the financial world continues to evolve with technology, this software stands as a testament to the innovative ways traders can harness information to make informed decisions in the dynamic trading


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