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MT4/MT5/JForex Expert Advisor or Forex Robot is a fully automated forex trading system. Expert Advisors automatically implement forex strategies without your involvement.

MT4/MT5/JForex Indicator – a technical forex indicator that complements those already integrated into the client’s terminal (MT4, MT5, JForex, etc.). Useful tools for forex traders such as trade copiers for different forex platforms, DDE for MT4 and MT5, forex latency and hedge arbitrage software, etc. We specialize in programming for MT4 (MQL4), MT5 (MQL5), DukasCopy (JForex), FIX API platforms. We will help you program your own expert advisor or custom indicator.

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  • What is FIX API?

    What is FIX API?

    The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol is an international communications protocol for electronic trading. It has been developed in order to improve communication between market participants.

    If you have a trading system or a robot that requires fast order execution (e.g., a scalping robot or a robot for trading the news), FIX API is the way to go. FIX API gives the trader access to real-time quotes and market depth as well as the ability to submit market and limit orders via protected communication channels.

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  • How can one work around restrictions imposed by forex brokers on arbitrage strategies?

    In the vast majority of cases, scalping and arbitrage strategies happen to be more profitable than any other strategy. As a consequence, brokers whose business model is based on the B-book and on making money off deposits lost by traders – such brokers are not interested in clients who use scalping and arbitrage methodologies in their trading. For that reason, brokers can resort to certain wily techniques that prevent traders from making money. They might, for example, require the trader to keep an order open for more than 5-10 seconds, sometimes even for minutes. Or they might use add-ons that allow the broker to increase the execution time of an order.

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  • Getting started with arbitrage trading – doing it the right way

    What’s the best way to test an arbitrage trading program?

    Let’s say that you have a program, an account with a broker, and you now want to test the program to make sure that your strategy will work.

    It’s best to test the program in a demo account first. I understand that the trading environment in a demo account is inherently different from that in a real account, but if your results in a demo account are poor, it is highly unlikely that they will be different in a real account. Also, testing the program in a demo account will reveal any problems that may exist in your setup.

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