At the present time, traders can only connect to a cryptocurrency exchange by using a web browser or a smartphone app. Digital Humanity will develop a software program that functions as a desktop application but uses an API in order to enable market participants to perform a wide range of financial operations that are essential to trading activity. Aside from the transmission of quotes, orders, and fills, 1stCryptoTrader also makes it possible to deposit and withdraw funds, and transfer funds between various exchanges.

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There's been a remarkable proliferation of crypto exchanges all around the world.  "The trading community understands the revolutionary potential of the cryptocurrency market. There are many opportunities out there. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, traders need the right technology to keep up with the growth of the market. In that sense, 1stCryptoTrader is a game changer. We've identified a niche, and we've delivered the right product.

In addition to supporting operations critical to trading, 1stCryptoTrader comes with a number of other functionalities that expand the scope of what traders can now do, and provides traders with tools to trade effectively on the cryptocurrency market. Traders can use 1stCryptoTrader to identify arbitrage situations. Traders are also able to buy existing robots or create new ones, use a diverse list of technical indicators, and work with real-time as well as historical data.

This application is all about empowering the trader.  Traders were previously fairly limited in their options. Even though most traders, professional and amateur alike, prefer to work on personal computers, they were unable to use their desktops to connect to crypto exchanges.

The lack of a proper application that supports desktop use hampers active trading, with possible negative implications for trading results. Without a desktop application, traders are forced to rely on extremely powerful computers and must quickly adapt themselves to different interfaces as they trade. 1stCryptoTrader eliminates these limitations and allows the user to focus on trading.

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