This indicator combines the indicators of three different types and operating principles. The MACD is an absolute price oscillator (APO), because it deals with the actual prices of moving averages rather than percentage changes. The RSI is classified as a momentum oscillator, measuring the velocity and magnitude of directional price movements. Momentum is the rate of the rise or fall in price. On-balance volume (OBV) is a technical analysis indicator intended to relate price and volume in the stock market.  OBV is based on a cumulative total volume. MACD can be attributed to trend indicators, RSI to momentum indicators, and On-balance volume to volume indicators. This combination of three indicators: MACD, OBV, and RSI allows filtering false signals.  Consider the situation in the EURCAD TimeFame: H1 chart (Indicator MACD-RSI-OBV-SuperDivergence)

macd rsi obv super divergence indicator

Indicator shows 3 good signals on chart.
But if will switch off, for example, MACD Indicator,

super divergence indicator settings

we will receive several false signals.

macd obv rsi super divergence indicator

Super divergence indicators work better than standard divergence indicators on any market conditions. For this reason it is easier to create good trading strategy, using super divergence indicator.  Our company has developed Free Tool – Divergence Constructor. This tool allows you to combine several any divergence indicator and find the best one for your currency / timeframe. 

Divergence Constructor – Download for free

We recommend to combine indicators from different groups. I mean indicators from different categories.  
We have found combination for eurusd: ForceIndex + OnBalanceVolume + ChaikinMoneyFlow Div and this super divergence indicator works with high accuracy on USDCAD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD

super divergence indicator gbpusd h4

super divergence indicator eurusd h4

super divergence indicator audusd h4

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