Expert advisors use for profit is not only novice  but experienced traders, skillfully organizing portfolio of expert advisors. As for beginners, for many traders expert  advisor - it's just an indispensable tool of work and cure of many ills. Even if the novice trader has already attained all trade secrets, in order to comply with its own rules of operation is not enough to have some knowledge, should still have not less important skills, which primarily include discipline and strong nerves.

Of course, does not mean that it is enough to simply purchase mt4 ea and start gain money.  All this is not so. It is necessary to have an idea about  forex market, how it works, what factors influence the behavior of currency quotes, how to work with the mt4 terminal (if you are going to use trading robots, or should be using the mt4 strategy tester and optimizer). But if you've already learned about forex and mt4, it certainly will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of expert advisor and that it is prepared to provide to you!

Recommendations for working with any forex robot

  • Before using a trading robot to learn at least the basics of the forex market, do not try to invest "blindly"
  • Learn what's inside the terminal MT4, how to use the strategy tester
  • Never overload your deposit. I can recommend lot size = 2-5% from balance
  • Any expert advisors  requires two things - communication and uninterrupted power supply.
  • If you have doubts about the reliability of your computer, as the power supply and Internet connection, it is best to use the dedicate server or VPS. (It's not so expensive)
  • I recommend to save EA settings in to the .set file (experts/presets/) and load them.
  • Test expert advisor time to time and compare backtest with trade results (forwar test). It will help you to find deficiencies in the strategy.
  • Withdrawal profit  from your trading account.

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