How to improve your crypto arbitrage trading results

Since we launched our crypto arbitrage solution we have received a lot of feedback from our clients. Some people share with us their great statements while other complain that they have lower proifitability.
Along with other markets, crypto currencies market changes from time to time and currencies that work good before, may show not so good results today.

What should you do in this case? How to stay on the wave?
Guided by the accumulated experience of our clients, we want to give you some tips for improving your crypto arbitrage performance.

First of all, you shouldn't get stuck on a single arbitrage instrument. ( to trade for example only BTCUSD)
We recommend you to add in emulation mode as many currencies as possible. This will allow you to monitor and it helps you not only compare different currency performances but more importantly the frequency of arbitration situations .

For example, you see that you are getting trades on btcusd rarely at the moment, but ltcusd shows many frequent trades, so it is wise in this case to put btcusd on hold and switch to ltcusd.

How to adjust correct difference to open

Another problem that price for most cryptocurrencies changes very often and differnce for open when BTCUSD price  =11000 should be diffrent if price for BTCUSD  =17000. I this case we have added posibility to set Diff tom open in percents from current price for pair. 

crypto arbitrage software diff to open in percents

For example if you set "Difference imput = percents and diff to open 2, software will calculate different to open based on current price for particular symbol. For example if price for BTCUSD now $11000 and you set Diff to open = 2% software will open order when Difference between price on exchange 1 and exchgange 2 will be differ on $220

If price 17000, software will wait for difference $340

We recomedn to use "Dinamic close" as well to improve your difference to close. If you set "Profit target in currency" = 150, software will close order when difference to cose = 150 usd (We take into account comissions)

Warning: Difference to open 2% and difference to close = $150 is not recommed settings! We provide recommended settings via email.

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