We've created short instruction for Crypto Arbitrage Trading.

1. Open account with as many exchanges from our list (Binance,  Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Cryptofacilities, Gdax,
 HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, Poloniex, YoBit ) as possible;

2. You do not need to deposit right away;

3. Start trading with Crypto Arbitrage Software  with as many currency pairs as possible in emulation mode for at least 5 days and also use crypto monitor software;

4. Choose 2-3 currencies and 2-3 exchanges with max activity;

5.  Deposit to these currencies/exchanges only;

6.  Make test trades with min possible lot sizes to make sure that API key are valid and settings are correct.

7. Switch from emulation to live mode for this currencies/exchanges keeping other pairs in emulation mode;

8. Check from time to time if these currencies still active, and if no - make changes:

   8.1 Switch inactive currency pairs back to emulation mode;
   8.2 Transfer funds to more active currencies;
   8.3 Switch active pairs to live mode;

9. Try to find best matching diff to open and diff to close values for your trading pairs.

Diff to open and diff to close should be adjusted to fit your actual diffs, for example, if you see 3.6%/-3.5% current diffs it is not optimal to set 0.8% diff to to open and 0.8% diff to close. It would be much better to set 3.6% or little higher % to open and -2.0% to close (negative values allowed here). You keep estimated profit the same (0.8+0.8=3.6-2.0), but closing conditions will be met much faster.