We would like to share cryptoarbitrage settings. 

BTCUSD crypro-arbitrage settings 

btcusd crypto arbitrage settings

We recommend to use for crypto currencies BTCUSD, ETHUSD, XRPUSD "Diff to open" and "Diff to close" 0.8-0.9 %

ETHUSD crypro-arbitrage settings 

crypto arbitrage ethusd

LTCUSD crypro-arbitrage settings 

If currency has hihg volatility period like LTCUSD during last 2-3 weeks, you can use "Diff to open" and "Diff to close" 1%

crypto arbitrage ltcusd

You shold take intoaccount lot size. Lot size depends from your account balance and currency price. For exmple BTCUSD price 10 000 and to trade  1 lot you need to have balance arpund 20k, but price for ETHUSD 700 usd and to make the same profit, you need to trade 10 lots and for LTC USD 100 lots

CryptoArbitrage Crosses trading

LTCBTC crypro-arbitrage settings 

For all crosses like LTCBTC, ETHBTC....   we recommend to set  "Diff to open" and "Diff to close" 1%

LTCBTC cryptoarbitrage

Like we mented before, we recommend to have adjusted all possible currencies and exchange combinations, to have stats nd information which one currency is the most active for now and it means the most profitable. To make posibility to add new pair easy, we have added new functionality: settings clone. Click right mouse button on softwre icon and select Hedge Pair -> Clone. The software will create one more pair with the same settings.

crypto arbitrage settings clone

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