MultiLeg VIP Hedge & Crypto Arbitrage Software v. 4.7.0 - Wat's New?

Information about these prodiucts: VIP Crypto Arbitrage software    and VIP Multileg Hedge Arbitrgae Software

  1. Issue with Bitmex exchange deprecated SimpleOrderQuantiy is fixed.
  2. OKEX exchange introduced compressions to web sockets packets and going to deprecate API v1 soon.  We implemented their recent V3 protocol, but your old v1 API credentials will no work with it. So you need generate new V3 keys in next steps:

Step  1

Step 2



Step 3. In the window that appears , provide the passphrase and permissions. Don’t forget to store passphrase somewhere, as when you confirm key creation,  it will not be accessible any longer.

3.Under menu Sessions we have added new 2 points:

Save pairs and deals – by default application automatically stores all the changes to pairs and deals list once in 5 minutes.  But if you want to force saving of some important changes you can click this menu point.

Export all settingsif you need to move application to another  PC/VPS,  now you don’t need to enter everything from scratch. You can export the settings on our old VPS,  move the created settings file on new VPS, double click on this file to store settings to system registry, and then install and run the program. One Important  thing here: the app should be installed with the same license with which it was used on another VPS.

4. We have created Import and Export buttons in Session properties window.  That will also allow you to move sessions between 2 instances of the program or use some settings as templates.