1. We do not recommend using any free VPS from brokerage company if you plan to win money. Broker will be able to login on VPS and check your strategy;
  2. Never answer what kind of strategy do you use. The broker has no right to ask you about it. It is your right to use any strategies for trading. If the broker prohibits any kind of strategy - this is a b-book broker and stay away from him; The best answer: I use different strategy. I try new strategies every month. etc.
  3. Do not answer do you plan to use, or already use, manual or automated trading strategy. The best answer: I will use (I use) both;
  4. If you have profitable strategy and you want to manage 3d party accounts – it is bad idea to become an IB with broker, because broker will be able to understand the same trading pattern on all sub IB accounts and flag them;
  5. If you use non regulated, but with a good reputation, broker – do not accumulate the profit on account. Withdrawal your profit  time to time.