I'd like to show you a new indicator we've added to Crypto Arbitrage Software. This indicator shows the most active crypto exchange pairs and the most active cryptocurrency pairs at any given time, and therefore the most profitable pair - or the most profitable pairs - that you can trade at that particular time.

crypto arbitrrage profit indicator

To activate this indicator, click on "hedging pair" and then on "edit", and then activate the profit indicator.

The indicator uses a range of shades from red to green to indicate those pairs that are most profitable at the moment. For example, the indicator might show that the best pair for trading right now is BTCUSD on Kraken vs BTCUSD on GDAX. In that case, you don't need to invest money in any other exchanges; you can just move funds into these two exchanges and then trade BTCUSD. If it's some other pair, then you can trade that other pair. You can move funds from one exchange to another; that way, you will trade those exchanges and pairs that are best to trade right now. Again, this is a visual indicator that relies on colours to convey data. If unprofitable orders for the pair, the displayed color will turn red and the redness will become progressively brighter; and we'll give you a visual in a few moments.

If we starting to get loss-making trades. The green color is becoming darker and should  turn red. . The indicator is now telling us that this particular pair is not profitable to trade right now, and you'd be well advised to leave it alone.

So to summarize everything: this indicator makes it possible to move all of your pairs into simulation mode, monitor activity for a few days to get an idea of what's going on, and then select those pairs that are most suitable for your trading - and start trading.

Good luck!

Video about Profit Indicator for Crypto Arbitrge Software

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