We would like to share with you some tips which help you to use locking arbitrage and hedge arbitrage  for long time without any risk to be flagged.  

If you test software on demo, special on FIX API accounts, we recommend following these rules as well, because broker can check your trading results to understand your trading style.

If you open accounts under different names, you should have different addresses and phone # and email as well. Accounts should be opened at different times (at least few days between sign-ups).

You should open each account from different IP address. We strongly recommend using “IPs Changer” software to emulate trading from 2 different IP addresses, because broker can check not only IP address from which account was opened, but IP address for each order.

If you already used IP address for any particular broker, you need to change IP address. It is easy to do with IPs Changer Software. Just need to order new VPS with new IP address and change connection parameters in Lock Arbitrage. You do not need to have expensive VPS  for IPs Changer software.

Using Lock Arbitrage together with IPs Changing Software makes your trading style absolutely indeterminate for the broker.


We do not recommend sharing with broker any information about your strategy, trading style, software which you are using. We do not recommend asking broker about any help with settings.  it is not worth trying to negotiate with the broker about the use of arbitrage strategies - this is almost impossible. You should not trust a broker even if he takes care of you and tries to “help” you in every possible way.

I repeat this several times, but I know that our customers sent the broker a screenshot of the program, asking you to check the settings. By doing this you harm not only yourself but also our other clients. If you need any help – we happy to support, you and resolve any problem.

We do not recommend using any IBs links with the purpose of obtaining additional profit. Accounts registered under the same IB, can be quickly flagged, because of the same trading pattern.

Please do not use free vps from broker – broker will be able to check what kind of software you are using and flag your account.

Always use trading pause 2m (120ms) or higher.

Do not start trading with high lot size and all available symbols. Increase lot size smoothly and change trading symbols time to time.

Only by following these rules will you enter a different level of trading and will receive a constant profit without changing accounts and brokerage companies.

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