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    VIP MT5 Latency Arbitrage Software


    VIP MT5 Latency Arbitrage Software is created for Latency Arbitrage trading on MT5 (MetaTrader 5) accounts.

    Arbitrage software works in 2 modes: standard latency arbitrage and lock latency arbitrage.

    Lock mode allows to open opposite order (in another direction) "lock", when closing conditions are met, instead of close order by take profit or trailng stop and then close 2 opposit orders "lock" after some time (adjustable).

    VIP MT5 latency arbitrage software can be used for currencise (Forex), CFDs, Indices arbitrage

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  2. News Auto Trader Pro - economic news auto-trading software


    NewsAtoTraderPro is a software product designed for trading the news on MT4, MT5, FIX API, cTrader platforms. With the help of a specially created engine, the software makes it possible to use several providers of computer-readable news items simultaneously, and take advantage of price swings caused by the release of so-called “material news”.

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  3. Expert Advisors Generator


    EA Generator is a powerful, user-friendly tool that creates multi-currency automated forex advisors. These advisors trade based on your strategy, or based on a market strategy that has been automatically identified as a profitable one. The advisors are created based on neural networks and genetic algorithms. You can create an advisor without writing a single line of code.
    How does it work?
    To create an advisor, it is sufficient to choose a source of trading signals and then launch the self-learn process.
    The following are the main sources of trading signals:

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  4. WEB Platform

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    FIX API Splitter for Traders

    Regular Price: $1,495.00

    Special Price $899.00

    . FIX API Splitter allows to split 1 FIX API Account for several internal FIX API Accounts and then use each internal FIX API Account for each application. Learn More
  6. Forex Brokers Arbitrage Test KIT


    Forex Brokers Arbitrage Test KIT contains 4 important indicators: Arbitrage Situations Detector, Spread Indicator, Execution Time, Slippage Indicator

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  7. ProScalping Oscillator for MT4


    "ProScalping" Oscillator or MT4 receive fast quotes form fast feeder and shows price differences in dots.

    30 Days FREE Trial. No Credit card information is requred

    "ProScalping" Oscillator for MT4 receive fast quotes form fast feeder with speed 1000 updates per sec and shows price differences in dots.

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    VIP Latency Arbitrage for MetaTrader4

    VIP Latency (1-leg) Arbitrage for MT4 Accounts is professional, fully automated software for Forex & CFDs & Indexes trading on MT4 accounts. This is actually a more sophisticated version of Latency Arbitrage provided by BJF Trading Group. What makes this version more sophisticated? It has more functionalities and settings, it has a more efficient user interface; it also offers a faster connection to MT4 servers, which will help you stay ahead of other traders at all times. Learn More
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    Laguerre MT4 Hidden/Standard Divergence Indicator

    Offer ends in:

    Regular Price: $250.00

    Special Price $1.00

    Laguerre MetaTrader 4 Divergence indicator — a completely custom indicator that doesn't rely on the standard MT4 indicators. It shows the weighted trendline in the separate window of the chart and regular and hidden divergence by Slow Laguerre and Fast Laguerre It can be used for easy entry and exit signals. The indicator is available for MT4 platform. Learn More
  10. MT4 Forex Robot (Expert Advisor) "Invincible"


    Analyzing the behavior of prices after the emergence of a difference between the fast and slow prices, we concluded that the behavior of the market after the quotes difference can be twofold. For further description we suggest using the names: impulse and spike. Impulse – the price continuously moving in the direction of difference Spike – the price makes spike and then rolls back to the original value (price before difference)

    quotes impulse and spike

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