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  1. 100%off

    qZoom Scalping Robot

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    qZoom Scalping Robot - Free MT4 Expert Advisor based on two indicators: iBBands and iDpwma. We use indicator iBBands for enter position signal and indicator iDpwma like filter. Learn More
  2. News Auto Trader Pro - economic news auto-trading software


    NewsAtoTraderPro is a software product designed for trading the news on MT4, MT5, FIX API, cTrader platforms. With the help of a specially created engine, the software makes it possible to use several providers of computer-readable news items simultaneously, and take advantage of price swings caused by the release of so-called “material news”.

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  3. Expert Advisors Generator


    EA Generator is a powerful, user-friendly tool that creates multi-currency automated forex advisors. These advisors trade based on your strategy, or based on a market strategy that has been automatically identified as a profitable one. The advisors are created based on neural networks and genetic algorithms. You can create an advisor without writing a single line of code.
    How does it work?
    To create an advisor, it is sufficient to choose a source of trading signals and then launch the self-learn process.
    The following are the main sources of trading signals:

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  4. Laguerre MT4 Hidden/Standard Divergence Indicator

    Laguerre MetaTrader 4 Divergence indicator — a completely custom indicator that doesn't rely on the standard MT4 indicators. It shows the weighted trendline in the separate window of the chart and regular and hidden divergence by Slow Laguerre and Fast Laguerre It can be used for easy entry and exit signals. The indicator is available for MT4 platform. Learn More
  5. Free Expert Advisor “BollingerBands”


    EA opens market orders by Bollinger Bands indicator. Market Buy order opened if the price crossed Upper Band. Market Sell order opened if the price crossed Lower Band.
    Orders closed by Bollinger Middle, StopLoss, TakeProfit or opposite signal.

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  6. PowerTradeCopier


    Do you want to mirror trades from your MT4 account to several sub-accounts with no delay and without keeping running MT4 terminals? You need MT4 MultiTerminal "PowerTradeCopier" - the best MT4 trade copier. It is also the best MT4 trade copier (compatible with MT4 build 670+), because you are able to copy any automatical or manual trading strategy including orders from high-frequency scalping robots.

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  7. 11%off

    Wolfe Wave MT4 Indicator

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    Wolfe Wave Indicator for MT4 - Forex Indicator based on Wolfe Wave theory Learn More
  8. Center of Gravity Divergence Indicator

    Center of Gravity (COG) Indicator for MT4 Learn More
  9. Expert Advisor TrailingStop-Toolkit


    Expert Advisor Trailing Stop

    Learn More
  10. Expert Advisor VurtualStopManager


    Expert Advisor VurtualStopManager -Hidden StopLoss and TakeProfit Manager

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Showing 1 - 10 of 15 results

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