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Imagine that, instead of trading alone, you had someone to help you. Imagine that this someone is in a perpetual search for trading opportunities, executes orders and establishes positions immediately, excels at analysis, is entirely free of emotion, never gets tired, and sends all profits your way. This is not a creature from some fantastic world. This animal is very real and is called an expert advisor. Essentially, an expert advisor is a software program that operates based on a set of defined parameters and allows a trader to trade automatically without manual intervention.

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  1. 27%off

    MT4 Forex Robot (Expert Advisor) "Invincible"

    Regular Price: $699.00

    Special Price $510.27

    Analyzing the behavior of prices after the emergence of a difference between the fast and slow prices, we concluded that the behavior of the market after the quotes difference can be twofold. For further description we suggest using the names: impulse and spike. Impulse – the price continuously moving in the direction of difference Spike – the price makes spike and then rolls back to the original value (price before difference)

    quotes impulse and spike

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  2. 27%off

    Latency Arbitrage MT5 EA

    Regular Price: $850.00

    Special Price $620.50

    Forex Latency Arbitrage MT4 Expert Advisor (MT5 EA) compares quotes from fast feeder (from fast broker) with quotes from slow broker and finds arbitrage situations.

    • If price on fast broker higher then price on low broker by an amount greater than a predetermined value, expert advisor places buy order.
    • If price on fast broker lower then price on low broker by an amount greater than a predetermined value, expert advisor places sell order.
    • You can use standard and hidden SL and TP as well.
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  3. 27%off

    LRS Scalper

    Regular Price: $699.00

    Special Price $510.27

    Forex Scalping Robot "LRS"

    This scalper is stable scalping system with low risk and low frequency settings. This forex robot doesn't use any high risk money management like martingale, grid systems... Robot has fixed StopLoss level. The signal calculates based on closed bars (no calculation on open bars), this allows us to make bac ktest with high quality and for this reason live trading results totally much back test results.

    We provide FIX API version for free and MT4 version for free, if you buy FIX API Trader 

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  4. 27%off

    Arbitrage Software for CTrader

    Regular Price: $695.00

    Special Price $507.35

    Arbitrage software for CTrader allows you to compare prices between our fast feed and CTrader platform and execute orders in fully automated mode. No manual intervention is require.

    We provide 4 fast feeders from exchanges for free.

    The cTrader uses the Direct Market Access or DMA. In this case trader able to submit buy or sell orders to the order book of an exchange without going through an intermediary without dealing. The Ctrader has faster protocol then MT4. This architecture more reliable for high-frequency trading.

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  5. 27%off

    Expert Advisor ProScalpingRobot

    Regular Price: $393.00

    Special Price $286.89

    «ProScalpingRobot» - профессиональная, полностью автоматизированная (автопилот) система скальпинга для платформы mt4, разработанная BJF Trading Group inc. Чтобы развить этот робот, мы использовали некоторые из наших предыдущих разработок. Этот робот основан на лучшей стратегии скальпирования для нескольких валют и нескольких дополнительных модулей. Learn More
  6. 27%off

    Expert Advisor Two Faces Of Trend or TFOT

    Regular Price: $1,121.00

    Special Price $818.33

    Expert Advisor Two Faces Of Trend or TFOT - Hybrid EA based on 2 Unique Strategies Learn More
  7. 27%off

    Expert Advisor HF-Scalping

    Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price $364.27

    Forex Robot (MT4 Expert Advisor) HF-Scalping is high-frequency fully automated trading strategy for MT4 platform, based on the price movement indicator and Keltner Channel Indicator. The robot not only analyzes the length of the minute candles (M1), but also the temporal characteristics of the formation of candles (the formation of High and Low). HF-Scalping Forex robot is sensitive for broker, and you need true ECN /STP account. Learn More
  8. 27%off

    News Trades Manager

    Regular Price: $590.00

    Special Price $430.70

    i-NewsTradesManager indicator for MT4 Learn More
  9. 27%off

    Forex Robot Based on MACD Divergence

    Regular Price: $487.00

    Special Price $355.51

    Forex Robot Based on MACD divergence Indicator Learn More
  10. 27%off

    Expert Advisor "RapidE"

    Regular Price: $799.00

    Special Price $583.27

    RapidE robot based on unique system of price movement channel definition. (BJF Trading Group inc. inovation) Currencies: EURGBP, EURCHF, EURUSD, USDGBP, EURCAD; Time frame: M5; No martingale, No grid; With SL and T;P Risk:Low; Recommended broker: ECN/STP Build-in money management; percent by accpunt balance; Do not need to reoptimize. Learn More

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