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Forex Robots based on FOREX Neural

Neural forex network is an algorithm, which imitates nervous activity of living beings (with some part of inaccuracy). Using neural forex network we can identify and use large amount of interconnections in data that are usually hidden from our eyes because of complexity and nonlinearity of data. It is corroborated by the fact that neural forex networks are used in many spheres of our life including trading. However, you have to decide for yourself whether they are useful for you or not.
Not a single neural forex network (even the best one) can predict future price by means of simply pressing of a button. However, you can use neural forex network to make predictions with a certain probability and thus it will help you to make better trading decisions. The limited capabilities of neural forex networks do not prevent them from being effective tools of market analysis, especially, when there are a lot of noise and non-linear connections. Neural forex network won’t solve all your problems, but since neural forex networks are powerful technological methods of technical analysis, they can be invaluable tool in your trading arsenal. They also have a unique quality to track barely detectable interconnections in accessible data; other methods do not allow you to do this. The ability to create patterns based on analysis data makes neural forex network method absolutely unique among other methods and tools.
You can effectively use neural forex network for:

- Evaluating probability of  trend continuation
- Classification of market phases
- Temporary prediction of maximum and minimum formation for different timeframes
- Predicting the probability of fluctuating movements after trends and following corrections
- Inter-market interconnections tracking

In other words, you will get the tool that is much more effective than classic methods of technical analysis for cases when there is a lot of noise on the market or when data interconnection is not obvious and linear.