Forex Software

A short introduction to forex software

As the name suggests, forex software is software that is developed for the use of forex brokers and traders. Our goal has always been to design the best forex software on the market that simplifies forex trading and makes it easy for traders to use. The tools provided by us include the DukasCopy platform, Metatrader 4 platform, MBTrading Navigator, and others. One of the best tools for your forex trading is an application interface that makes it easy for you to work with a third party.
We also provide a comprehensive list of all the required forex tools currently available online.

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  1. 35%off

    Forex Hedge (2-legs) Arbitrage Software

    Regular Price: $810.00

    Special Price $526.50

    2 Legs FIX API Arbitrage software allows you to find arbitrage situation between two MT4 brokers or between 2 brokers with via FIX API; and open opposite trades on both brokers. Learn More
  2. 35%off

    BJF FIX API Trader

    Regular Price: $1,000.00

    Special Price $650.00

    FIX Trader software developed by BJF Trading Group inc. is a special tool that allows traders to apply their favorite MT4 Tools, Indicators, and Expert Advisors to work with FIX API market data and trading sessions. Learn More
  3. 35%off

    IPs Changer

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price $129.97

    IPs Changer software allows you to use it together with locking arbitrage (or any other software)  and change IP address for your accounts. This software very helpful for traders who use 2 or more accounts wit the same broker, but accounts was opened under different names.

    Learn More
  4. 35%off

    VIP Latency Arbitrage for MetaTrader4

    Regular Price: $1,200.00

    Special Price $780.00

    VIP Latency (1-leg) Arbitrage for MT4 Accounts is professional, fully automated software for Forex & CFDs & Indexes trading on MT4 accounts. This is actually a more sophisticated version of Latency Arbitrage provided by BJF Trading Group. What makes this version more sophisticated? It has more functionalities and settings, it has a more efficient user interface; it also offers a faster connection to MT4 servers, which will help you stay ahead of other traders at all times. Learn More
  5. 40%off

    FIX API Splitter for Traders

    Regular Price: $1,495.00

    Special Price $899.00

    . FIX API Splitter allows to split 1 FIX API Account for several internal FIX API Accounts and then use each internal FIX API Account for each application. Learn More
  6. 35%off

    Expert Advisors Generator

    Regular Price: $799.00

    Special Price $519.35

    EA Generator is a powerful, user-friendly tool that creates multi-currency automated forex advisors. These advisors trade based on your strategy, or based on a market strategy that has been automatically identified as a profitable one. The advisors are created based on neural networks and genetic algorithms. You can create an advisor without writing a single line of code.
    How does it work?
    To create an advisor, it is sufficient to choose a source of trading signals and then launch the self-learn process.
    The following are the main sources of trading signals:

    Learn More
  7. 35%off

    VIP MT5 Latency Arbitrage Software

    Regular Price: $1,195.00

    Special Price $776.75

    VIP MT5 Latency Arbitrage Software is created for Latency Arbitrage trading on MT5 (MetaTrader 5) accounts.

    Arbitrage software works in 2 modes: standard latency arbitrage and lock latency arbitrage.

    Lock mode allows to open opposite order (in another direction) "lock", when closing conditions are met, instead of close order by take profit or trailing stop and then close 2 opposite orders "lock" after some time (adjustable).

    VIP MT5 latency arbitrage software can be used for currencies (Forex), CFDs, Indices arbitrage

    Learn More
  8. 35%off

    Forex Latency Arbitrage MT4 EA

    Regular Price: $500.00

    Special Price $325.00

    BJF Forex Latency Arbitrage Software compares quotes between slow broker and our free feed from Live FIX API Lmax (100 updates/sec) and CQG Accounts. When arbitrage situation appears, software immediately opens order on slow broker only. You can trade on MT4 brokers and FIX API brokers as well. Learn More
  9. 35%off

    VIP MT5 Locking Latency Arbitrage Software

    Regular Price: $995.00

    Special Price $646.75

    MT5 Locking Latency Arbitrage Software opens two opposite (buy and sell) orders on two different MT5 accounts for each trading symbol.

    It can be two different MT5 brokers or two different accounts with the same MT5 broker. When arbitrage situation appear, software closes opened order on symbol, applies trailing stop for corresponding virtual order, and opens new locking order on the other side when S/L or T/P is hit.

    Learn More
  10. 35%off

    cTrader -MT4; MT4-cTrader; cTrader-cTrader Copier

    Regular Price: $2,400.00

    Special Price $1,560.00

    Copier is based on Clients-Server architecture and consists of 4 components:

    • MT4 Master
    • MT4 Slave
    • cTrader master
    • cTrader slave

    You can create any copying scheme using this components.

    Learn More

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There are two standard categories: assisted forex tools and software. Assisted forex tools are tools that allow users to trade effectively on the forex market. Forex software is comprised of forex terminals.


The benefits of using our products


  • Our forex tools are based on unique algorithms.
  • Our forex tools are used extensively by many professional traders and brokerage companies alike, so we have a solid track record.
  • We provide free ongoing customer support.
  • We can customize any forex tools that we offer based on your individual needs and requirements.