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  1. MT4 Indicator HeikenAshi MultiTF

    HeikenAshi MultiTF MT4 indicator Learn More
  2. MT4 Indicator Trend-MultiTF

    Trend-MultiTF MT4 Indicator Learn More
  3. Indicators MQ4 Source Code

    Indicators MQ4 Source Code Learn More
  4. MT4 Indicator Support Resistance Levels

    MT4 Indicator Support Resistance Levels Learn More
  5. MT4 Indicator TrendPlus


    TrendPlus - multitimeframe indicator caclulates trend signals on different timeframes and displays it all together on the current chart.

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Multiple Time-frame Indicators -Short Explanation

Multi Time-Frame Indicators use several time-frames for forex market analyze. Multi Time-Frame approach allows us to more accurately determine the phase of the market (trend or flat ) and if the market is in a trend,  determine the direction of market trends.