Today I would like to tell you about a change in the Deep-Analysis Arbitrage Software “DAAS” , in the Lock, LockCL and LockCL2 Arbitrgae  built-in strategies. These changes were put in place based on the feedback by clients which trade using these strategies on Proprietary trading or prop trading companies which have limitations.

Proprietary trading companies have certain rules, one of which is the order needs to be online for longer than a certain amount of time.

Another limitation is that there needs to be a hard stop loss, and I will explain how it works. We add any lock strategies, for example lock cl, create symbols, choose the feed and also choose the terminal on which you will prop trade. Here you will see the new parameter, hard stop-loss factor, this is the coefficient on which we will multiply virtual stop loss.

hard stop for arbitrage for Proprietary trading

If we choose 3, click apply changes, clock on instruments and orders and if the stop loss for euro usd is 20 then the hard stop loss will be 20 times 30 which is 60 points, so the broker can see the stop loss, but the order will be closed using the virtual stop loss.

Thank you for your attention and good luck with your trading with prop firms.

Vide: Hard stop loss for prop trading

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