How US authorities regulate Forex brokerage accounts

The National Futures Association (NFA) is "the leading independent provider of effective and innovative regulatory programs that protect the integrity of derivatives markets and forex markets in particular."
Such regionalization has led to both positive and negative consequences for forex traders. Many brokerage companies refuse to work under such strict and unbearable regulation, and those companies that nevertheless received a license to work on the US market, relying on the absence of healthy competition, created unbearable conditions for forex traders.
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This turn of events forced American forex traders to balance between the risk of opening accounts in offshore brokerage companies and unrealistically high spreads and commissions in NFA regulated companies.

Arbitrage Trading Methods for US Citizens

Many believe that the use of arbitrage strategies for American customers is impossible due to the limited number of brokerage companies, but fortunately, while working with American clients, we found several setups that allow us to profit from trading using arbitrage and at the same time work with brokers with a high reputation.
The best results are achieved when working with VIP Multi-Leg Arbitrage with MT5 add-on trade is slow between МТ4 and МТ5 terminal by CFDs, Indices and Prestigious metals.
arbitrage trading for us citizens
In order for this set to work for a long time and for accounts to not be flagged by brokers, we recommend additionally using Statistical Arbitrage Software through PowerTradeCopier (this will allow you to imitate non-arbitrage manual trading)

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